Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ignorance is Bliss (Langston Gap Road)

 Yesterday was such a beautiful day! Morgan was still at her girlfriend's house from a sleepover and my hubby suggested a nice morning ride. I"M IN!!
We looked at the map and we decided a short trip around the lake would be perfect and found this road. That looks like fun!
 NOW....if I had decided to check out the same map, with the terrain setting highlighted, I may have had some reservations on this little jaunt. That's where the "ignorance is bliss" factors in.
 It was a beautiful ride and a day not unlike the google map photos seen here. I think I even had a bug spot on my face shield like the google camera had. I started having a little bit of a warning as we were riding this road. The bottom left shows the little yellow man and the top photo shows the view. If you notice on the right of the photo where the clouds drop to a point at the bottom, right behind the tallest tree, I'm able to see the dim sight of a ridge in the distance. Note the hairpin turn on the lower map on the right.
 Now, I'm starting to get a picture in my mind of just what I'm up against.
 YEP.....looking straight on.
 And then, as we turn away, out of sight out of mind. Everything is right with the world.
 Turning here...there's no going back.

 "I can do this" just kept going through my head.
 The thing about this road is that the turns never ceased.
 I didn't have any time to look at the scenery...however I did remember this big rock pile.
 UG, I really need more training on turning going straight up. These google map photos don't do justice. Just look at that gradient on the map below it.
 They just kept coming!
 At one point I was thinking to myself...I would much rather be going down than up. (photo looking down).
 I also don't remember this scene...
 ...nor this!! I just kept saying "ALMOST TO THE TOP!!"
 Finally! I made it! Just beyond that treeline is the bluff. The rest of the way was a piece of cake and even tho the road was a packed gravel type, it was nothing to complain about. Nice scenery to boot.
 As it is in most places around here, a lot of the bluff views are blocked by trees. But I got a glimpse of one lucky homeowner's view off Sand Mountain. Wow! What a place to live!
 Coming back down off the mountain was much better. It's a nice gradual descent, but only affords one or two spots for a view.

 And of course Kudzu has swallowed up parts of the mountain.
 Looking back on where we were.
 Here too. That farthest ridge is the one we went straight up.
 We made it! Another big climb under my belt.
Here is my bike, while I'm in the house going through a little PTSD!!
Happy Riding to all my biker friends!!


Roy said...

A good test for the Bike Evie, (and the Rider). {:)

Trobairitz said...

Great job conquering that ridge. I always wonder when hubby takes me up roads that I gulp and hold my breathe through, but then I am happy I could do it after.

The drop offs on one side always scare me a little. No way around that.

Very creative using the google street view for your story telling too. Nicely done. I am a little jealous of the smooth pavement it shows though, ours always seems to be so bumpy.

Glad you got out for a ride and in the sunshine too. Yay.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Oh my, what a thrill ride, my heart is still racing. Glad to see the iron safe and sound back in the driveway. Happy Mother's Day...

BilboWaggins said...

As a non-biker even I can see that steep roads, tight bends and packed gravel would "concentrate the mind" somewhat.

I think you're mad :} I also think my husband is mad but he hasn't sold any of his bikes either :} :}

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Now I'll know to check the terrain before saying yes!

debsgarden said...

My congratulations and utmost admiration to you! I am panting just looking at the pictures! But the scenery really is beautiful. Those folks with the great view of Sand Mountain are certainly fortunate!

Oz said...

Looks like a great ride. Good post. Hope I can make it out there sometime to ride the road.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Surprise! It's ME!!! I'm getting back into blogging, or reading them anyway! I just had to see what you were up to and ..... oh, my! Sounds like you guys had a fabulous, if not heart-stopping, ride up and down those roller coaster roadways. Good to "see" you - chat soon! XO