Monday, September 27, 2010

The Colors of Autumn

The sweet pink Cosmos.

The soft purple Beautyberry.

Burgundy Japanese Maple.

And the little surprise...

...of a Rose-breasted Grosbeak or two!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finding a Place in the Sun

Daisy loves to sit in the matter how hot it is!
~Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air...~
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Walking with the Neighbors

Morgan asked me if I wanted to get up early on Saturday morning and take a walk...if it wasn't too hot that is...and it wasn't and I agreed. So off we went and there at the bottom of the driveway were Wrascle and his new friend...well...we don't know his name yet, but he sure is a friendly fellow!

Wrascle and no name walked with us down the road a little bit, but Wascle is a smart pup and when I tell him to stay home, he listens. 

A little further down the road we finally got to meet these two neighbors that we see nearly everyday but never stopped to introduce ourselves too. They didn't tell us their names either, but they enjoyed our company, as we did theirs.

As soon as we left  no name #3 and no name #4, we were greeted by a LOUD WOOOOOOOOOOO and we weren't quite sure how to take that salutation, was it friend or foe? Well, it turned out to be a friend and there wasn't a thing we could do to keep our new friend from showing us the ropes of the neighborhood.

We decided, since he didn't offer up his name, we would call him Buddy, cause that is what he was,
our Buddy.

Buddy walked up the road with us until we turned back to head home. At first he was a little too excited to meet us and wanted to jump...but with a few stern points and "psssstts" in our best Cesar Millan, he understood and was as good as gold!

This and the next series of photos I think is quite telling of the relationship that our three neighbors have. Personally, I think no name #3 (the lighter donkey, or is that a mule???) is the pack leader.

You'll notice the unspoken wordage between #3 and Buddy...even tho Buddy wanted to be a part of the petting fun...he was "asked" to move away by Mr. #3.

We had a great time meeting our neighbors and since Buddy lived right across the street from these fellows we tried to tell him to stay home. We tried to tell him it was too hot, he should go lay in his bed, but no, he wouldn't have it. He stayed behind us a bit, but actually followed us to our driveway and then said his goodbye and turned to head home. (I think he just really wanted to know where we lived).

Before we got to our drive, Morgan was temped by the neighbors Magnolia tree and HAD to have a thick, leathery leaf of her own.

And I just had to have a photo of this beautiful Pine that borders our property.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Point Park on Lookout Mountain

After leaving the caves of Rock City we headed for Ruby Falls, but sadly it was a holiday weekend and I think everyone from the seven states you could see from Lover's Leap was there. So instead of waiting in line we decided to go check out Point Park and see the story of the Battle of Lookout Mountain, and the Blue and the Gray.

I really had no idea just exactly where on Lookout Mountain the Park was, but it didn't take long to figure it out.

Looking down over Chattanooga Tennessee.

You are literally on the edge of the mountain standing here.

Story of the "Battle Above the Clouds"
The New York Peace Memorial on Lookout Mountain.
A Confederate soldier awaits the battle.

Sadly this photo is supposed to be under the next one but for some reason this template just jumps photos all over the place with no rhyme or reason and no undoing or dragging will put it back where it's supposed to be.
After leaving Point Park (click on post title to read more) we drove to Chatanooga for lunch.

Point Park
There are other wonderful places to explore here but we decided to have lunch and come back another day.
Leaving the area heading for home we encoundered this Blast from the Past!
I couldn't help but get a few photos.
Dodge Super Bee
I really love all the signs for Fireworks....but somehow not to sure about mixing Cold Beer and Fireworks...seems like a bad combo to me!!!
THEN I remembered that there was someplace I wanted to stop on the way home. Can you figure out which place on this sign was my destination?
It was like Christmas in there!!
We all had a great day and hope you enjoyed our little trip.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rock City~Part ll

Looking over "Lover's Leap"
There were so many pretty flowers and plants throughout the park.
Alabama Flag.
The state motto is
"We Dare Defend our Rights"
From the poem~
"What constitutes a state?...
Men who their duties know,
but know their rights,
and knowing, dare maintain."
~Sir William Jones~
Morgan flattened a penny with the swinging bridge pressed into it.
Luckily we all made it through this space!
A little dippin dot fun!
Another view of "Lover's Leap".
And there are times when you have to climb around the rock to get to where you need to go...
...Just Kidding!!!
From below the Swinging Bridge.
This was not even half of the fun!