Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sun meets Tree!!

The plans were made to meet and although we weren't certain of our destinations, Debi from the "Giraffe Head Tree" and I, Eve from "Sunny Side Up" hopped into our cars and set off to meet for the first time. I found Debi's Blog before I left New York for Alabama and I couldn't have been luckier to find her!
We met at a Mexican restaurant for lunch and well some fun! Do you suppose it was the bull rider on the table that had us giggling?Do you suppose there will be a picture of me at the other end of that lens!! Maybe it didn't come out!!! hahaha! After our lunch we decided to go north to The Greenery!We were in for a real treat! Between the two of us...the ohhhhs and awwes were never ending! First thing I found was my little Daisy Lu looking right up at me...
...and this sweet fellow looking down from above! So many shiny pretty things! And soft birds that reminded me of Jenny Wren!And for my cousin Julie...hen soap! I found the table of my dreams......and the hutch to go with it...just don't look at the price tags!! If I could just gather all this stuff up and bring it home! I think I have a place for him on my roof...what do you think Roy? The plants were so perfectly potted! And you can certainly not have too many dogs around the yard. There's always room for dogs! But all fun things have to come to an end and with the weather turning dark it was time to say our farewells. I forgot to tell you, I picked up a couple sweet ferns to bring home to my porch.
I promptly found a pot and settled them in. Debi, I had a great time and am so glad we've met!
I just can't wait for our next adventure!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer Fun

Who would ever think that a net would be a girl's best friend? Morgan spent the summer with a butterfly net that our friends from New York, Dick and Marion gave her last summer or even the summer before. She never really paid a lot of attention to it there. It made the trip to northern Alabama in one piece only to have a hole eaten in it by a mouse while resting in the shed. I decided to remind Morgan that she had it, and that was has been the most interesting toy of the summer! I mentioned to Dick that she was having a blast gently catching dragonflies and letting them go...even with a big hole. Within a week a big box came in the mail from Dick and Marion.
I knew just what it was and waited for Morgan to get home from school! There were two nets, one for me and one for Morgan.
How did you guys figure out that Morgan LOVES pink???
Thanks guys...she had a big smile and ran outside with her new summer fun!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Green Mountain

Morgan and I took Debi's lead from "The Giraffe Head Tree" and headed to Madison County Nature Trail on Green Mountain. It's only 20 minutes from the house. The weather couldn't have been more perfect.Someone had left yellow flowers in different places. It was a treat. I'm in an artsy mood this morning for sure. The tiny island in the lake. The fun covered bridge. A grandma and granddaughter feeding catfish with plenty bread and giggles!The house we would all love to own!! Plenty places to sit both new and rustic. A taste of fall,and fun for all! Did I tell you how much I love it here in Alabama?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Good Birds

I'm almost never lucky enough to have my camera AND see a good bird at the same time, but this time I was. I hear Yellow-billed Cuckoos all the time but rarely get to see them. This little fellow was kind enough to pose for me in good light! I think this is such a typical Cuckoo pose don't you! A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was kind enough to show up.And well, you can't pass up a Blue Jay that gives you the "look"! Speaking of looking, my Hummingbirds are crazy wild right now. They have to defend the feeder against all know there just isn't enough food in there... ...NOT!These are just the toughest little guys. They make me smile everyday!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A not so tiny guest!

Yesterday I saw something a little suspicious in the yard. Was it a stealthy submarine periscope? Nope, it was a Black Snake sneakily heading my way.Every now and then he would pop up to make sure he was heading in the right direction... ...and looked around to make sure there were no dogs in the area. I was taking pictures from my kitchen window, which was a nice distance away.When I went outside he knew I was there and would hide...but kept and eagle-eye on me. No weeding the garden today! I'm back inside now taking pictures through the widow AND porch railing.He's eyeing the house now! Looking both ways before crossing! "Wait a minute...should I go?" "Yep!"
I think he spent the rest of his day under the porch...I hope my "tiny" guest from the other day stays on his webbed "toes", or he may be lunch!
What I understand is that Black Snakes are very beneficial so he is welcome to stick around.
Please click on my title to see why you should be happy to have a Black Snake around.