Friday, October 30, 2009


I had a dream. On Sunday it came true!
Thanks to my sweet husband for helping me work this out.
I love his idea of the cross bars to make it our own.
Hopefully this summer the clematis and the birds will enjoy our little arbor.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Header 101

I hope you like this one as much as I do. One of the things I love about this Pumpkin Header is that I went out intentionally to get a photo for my header. Usually I'll just go back and find a picture that I think will look nice and work it in. Here is the original photo.I wanted to make sure the pumpkins were on one end of the photo so my title would sit nice, however the light was coming from the direction that would create a problem. But with Photoshop there really is no problem. I just flipped the photo. I took the picture with my 50mm lens at f/1.4 so that the background would be soft. I used my favorite filter in Photoshop, Dry Brush, to create the painted feel, and then brightened it up a bit with my plug-in filter Fractalius from Redfield. Then there was my beautiful blue Subaru in the background causing a little color headache, but not to worry. With a little time and effort I used the clone stamp tool to work out the background. I used the paint pail to fill in spots close to the pumpkin that were difficult to get with the clone stamp. and went back over with the clone stamp to blend it all in. A bit of a crop and copyright and WaLa!
There are probably a hundred other ways to create these same effects in Photoshop. It just takes time to find the way you like the best.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Visit Finale

We took Rachel to Cathedral Caverns. It was just as specular the second time. Sunday, we drove to the airport,
gave a hug...
and said goodbye!Bye Rachel!
See you soon!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Shopping at Bridge Street Town Centre

The day the girls had been waiting for had finally come. Off we drove to Bridge Street Town Centre, a beautiful outdoor shopping experience in Huntsville.There are just so many fun things to see. Here are the girls outside P.F. Chang's. There are two of these huge horse sculptures adorning the building.We found Richard Cable Interiors. There are WAY too many beautiful things to buy in here!
An Abacus that caught Morgan's eye......and of course the birds always catch my eye!Then to the Apple store where everything caught Rachel's eye!There's even plenty flowers around to catch the eye of this Painted Lady.The exterior of Anthropologie is sided with a cornucopia of sedums...I should have brought my clippers!! Inside Anthropologie there are so many odds and ends it boggles the mind!
This old strange desk was a true spectacle.Not to mention this paper bird......and his brother! They were life size creations of a very large fictional critter!!Oh and something that reminded me of my cousin Julie up in Maine!Some more things that remind me of Julie! Bring your truck when you come visit Julie!!Things that remind me of my old home.Then we found Brighton Collectibles where Morgan got her bracelet last time we visited. This time she found the states charms and what did she pick out?......a little "Big Apple" charm!The fountain outside the Cinema.And the view back down the lane.This sculpture was outside one of the shops back at the front of the Centre......and this pup was showing off apparel at Old Navy.Just another beautiful day in Northern Alabama.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Living in a Dream

This beautiful house sits near the bottom of the mountain not 3 miles from my home as the crow flies. It's about 5 miles to drive, but flying as a crow is the only other simple way. If you walked you would certainly need a walking stick, rope and a grappling hook to get there.Standing in the driveway you can see and hear in the distance a number of waterfalls that wind their way in and out of "Ghost Cave" and tumble down this rocky cliff.Right beyond the front yard of the house is a natural bridge complete with a waterfall that is quite high. The people who own the property invested a great deal of advice from expert engineers, architects, and environmentalists to insure the house would compliment the land around it, as well as preserve it's natural beauty and balance.When you put these two next pictures together in your head, you can imagine the height of it all!
And wouldn't you jump for joy living in a place like this!! We were invited to wander at our leisure, but just "be careful". There is a trail that leads to the cave waterfalls that at one point is no more than a few feet across between a cliff face and a cliff drop off. Yikes! I was a bit nervous. Rachel was a little more bold than Morgan and I. She is pointing back at the view to the house. And what a view you have sitting on these decks. Walking back in front of the house you can see work going on in the driveway. The Mrs was making sure every rock was perfectly in place. Sitting on the front porch you can see the view of the bridge and hear the waterfall splashing below. There are numerous birdhouses... ...quirky items...and flowers galore! There is even a sweet pup to welcome you home!No wonder these two turned to stone......because if you take a seat just may never want to get up!