Friday, July 30, 2010

Lake Guntersville Dam...The other side

Yesterday I jumped on the Iron to run an errand, and since Morgan is at Band Camp during the day this week and next, I was in no real rush to get home. Traveling along I found myself on the south side of the Guntersville DamI watched this little boat come along and was wondering if they wanted to get to the other side.I'm not sure if they go through these openings...seems a bit scary to me...but because I have some form of ADD I didn't stick around long enough to find out...
So sorry!That is the side we are usually on.The tower is where I've photographed a Red-headed woodpecker, Eastern Bluebirds and Black Vultures.But today was all about the Iron!Walking back by the bike I spyed this swamp. Then I heard a bit of noise and quickly photographed these three Great Blue Herons speeding away.I was a beautiful ride down to this side of the Dam. The north side has a long straight flat road, but this side is a long, steep, curvy mountain road down into the valley.I decided not to take the walk down. Too hot today.A little artwork here. Nothing great but you can just see the Iron there on the left.Well for riding in the Sunny South my new motto is...

It's not too hot to's too hot to stop riding!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Brown VS Green

Sunday a bit of rain and a thunderstorm rolled through the area. I went outside to lift the cushions up in case the rain tried to push its way under the porch. I had to go get the camera to take photos of what I found under the cushion.
Note what I have to deal with in taking a cold camera outside on a humid day.
Even though the camera was still fogged up I wanted to take a shot of this little tree frog under the cushion before he hopped away. OK the camera is clear and I guess he's not going anywhere fast so I was able to get a few shots in. He was really slimy even though being under a piece of stuffed cloth.A rather brownish fellow.Or is he greenish?Morgan doesn't care what color he is...he deserves a pet!and a photograph.He moved a little bit toward the cushion and when I went out a minute later to check on him...
he was green!I wonder if it was a tough job turning, cause you know what they say......"it's not easy being green"

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kayaking with a Crocodile in Lake Guntersville State Park

My friend Rhonda, and her husband Coy, invited me to go kayaking Saturday and of course I said YES!
Plotting on the map it was about 2.8 miles one way. Now for someone who had only ever kayaked once before I must say it was quite a trip.We got there about 8 am and already the temps were in the 80's. It was a bright sunny day and heating up fast.That is where we are headed.I bravely packed the G9 in a zip lock baggie and promised not to tip the boat.Looking back at the bridge before continuing on.Thanks Rhonda for inviting me!I'll just follow you for a bit!What a gorgeous place to be...but it was HOT.The end of the line for the kayaks was where these large boulders sat in the shallows.We parked in the shade and contemplated all the birds we'd seen. A Bald Eagle, Belted Kingfishers, and Great Blue Herons, on
the way out.Heading back I put on the brakes!!!What is THAT up there??!!It looks like a Crocodile!!! OH NO!!!Why am I getting so close!!!Ok maybe I didn't fool you! But I think that dragonfly on the croc's eyeball is fooled!
I've never seen this Dragonfly before but I'll take a guess and say its an Eastern Ringtail.One of the Herons on the way back was as watchful as the rest. Other birds we saw were, an Osprey, a Green Heron, and back at the launch some Brown-headed Nuthatches among other more common birds.Thanks for sending pictures of me in such rare form Rhonda!It was a really fun morning!

Friday, July 23, 2010


No it's not a great deal on the latest Harley Davidson motorcycle or a story on the rise of unemployment.
The big news is...I've lived most of my 50 years in the bitter cold northeast. I never owned an air conditioner in all those years. I suffered the bitter cold of the howling winds off Lake Ontairo, begging for a hot flash once in a while to keep me warm. Did I ever get one while I lived in the frigid tundra of northern NY.
I finally get some sense and move to the sunny south.
(note temp on gauge)Now we all know where this is going...don't we!
Yep...I've finally been gifted with...HOT FLASHES!'s that workin out for me!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Visiting Mary

Just before our trip to northern NY this month...actually that morning, I got a call from my new friend Patricia, asking me if I would like to meet another gardener friend that lives between the two of us. In reality, Nadine, who's family built the house we live in, also told me about Mary's getting there was really meant to be. Of course I jumped on the opportunity.
When Morgan and I arrived Patricia was there but Mary was not! She did arrive just before we left and she was a delightful southern woman full of sunshine and spirit.
She loves her Hostas, what a stunning collection.Beautiful color was a plenty!A little Banana Tree!I forget the name of this tree but look at those seed pods! What a treat!Mary had many many Lilies. As a matter of fact, I have some of Mary's Lilies here in my gardens thanks to Nadine and Mary!Of course the American Ladies just love Mary's garden.And her sweet companion was ever by our side.Pears galore!The Oak Leaf Hydrangea that is wild here in the south.Mary's husband told us the story of the rock that was placed in the garden years ago. One day a friend mentioned the Indian face in the boulder. Do you see it Morgan?Go nose to nose with the garden guardian!Calla Lilies too.And who doesn't love Money growing in the garden!Wild Ginger anyone?A lovely variegated Solomon's Seal.Mary and her husband also had a few cattle. Mom, dad and a youngster were enjoying the morning sun. (sorry the youngin is not pictured here) Here mom is enjoying a fresh apple from Morgan.Dad got one too, but at a distance. I think mom was hoping that apple was for her!Thank you Mary for letting us tour your beautiful garden. And thank you Nadine and Patricia for telling me about Mary!