Friday, March 23, 2012

Something different!!

 This is something I've been thinking of doing for some time now. Well, part of it.
Some of you might remember my rain chains from an old post back in 2008 seen here. I love these chains and brought them with us when we came south. However I have no gutters to use them with at this house. They sat in a box in the shed for nearly 3 years now and well...shame on me!
I've become a person who loves to find new uses for old things and although the chains aren't that old, they sure were calling out for a new use. (since I have no gutters!)
A few days ago, I decided to hang them under the eaves of my back porch. Then it wasn't very long before I thought that they might enjoy a little greenery within.
 I had some struggling "hens and chicks" in one of my strawberry pots and the idea clicked. I placed a few small rocks in the "tulips" of the chains, added a little dirt and the plants!
They are protected by the eaves of the roof and in full sun.
We shall see how they do!! And I'll be sure to share with you whether or not this turned out to be a good idea!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Just Another Day in the Yard

The Bluebird nest has gone from a few sprigs of grass to a beautiful work of grassy art! Way to go! to my hard working mom and dad!
 Butterfly sightings are increasing.
 Apple blossoms just all of a sudden appear!
 The daffodils are still standing tall.
 Changes are beginning.

 The porch is being utilized.

 And my Dogwood tree never ceases to amaze me!

 The little Tufted Titmice are very entertaining to watch...

 ...and are ever watchful!
Don't mess with MY suet!!!