Monday, September 29, 2008

Old Port

In downtown Portland, Maine there's a magical place called The Old Port. I just love it there.The buildings are, well, old... within this door the Constitution of the State of Maine was drafted in 1819. The walkways are lovely. Down an alley is Portland High School...I went here for the first two months of 10th grade. Along the streets they display... both sides of the political spectrum! ;-) And I even felt very close to home...Very, very close! I love the colors...and the fantastic cobblestone streets... with the right gear to walk them I really want those boots up there.It's just a beautiful place to walk and shop. A brick lover's paradise!
Old Port, I'll be going back someday.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Warbler City

Each year at this time the Yellow-rumped and Palm warblers stop by my house to dine on the hoards of flies that congregate on my deck and porch. They've just arrived in time for the feast, so here’s to these bright beauties.Palm Warbler
See that tail,
That bright yellow rump,
Up and down it wags.
It’s silly to do
If there’s five of you,
You'll look like a
Row of flags.

In early spring
You sneak right through
Heading north you fly
And then in fall,
If we’re lucky at all
Your waging tail we’ll spy.

Sweet little warbler
With your bobbing tail
I’ll see you again this spring.
Keep yourself warm
In the south where you swarm,
Where warblers love to sing.
Eve Sweatman

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Maine Mascots...

In Old Port in Portland.The Black Dog in Old Port In "Fetch" in Old Port. In "Fetch" the other mascot.In Freeport. In Gorham.On Casco Bay. All perfectly perfect pooches!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heaven in a Yard

This is the newest of Julie's gardens. A white circular garden where a small pool once stood.
The hydrangea in the center is just a beauty.Julie's keen eye for design shows all through her surroundings.I can only take credit for part of this wonderful design after giving her this fern from my garden when she visited me.Such a beautiful fenced garden which drew me right into the woods.A walk in the foggy forest just brought me down to earth.At the end of one of many paths is yet another beautiful scene.Back home again.Life in Maine is good.

Monday, September 22, 2008

She's a Hooker....

A rug hooker that is!!
Now with a home like this beautiful Bow...see previous couldn't be more beautiful without the vision and talents of my cousin Julie. She amazes me with her vision and eye for beauty.Her home is decorated in "Primitive" American, and I couldn't have felt more comfortable and warm. The simplicity was perfect. The function outstanding. Even the Polish Pottery butter dish my mom and I brought her fit right in! She certainly made a birder feel welcome! All the colors are so pleasing to the eye.And OH she's a rug hooker and I am awed by her talent! My favorite of course!Her house is filled with these beautiful works of art.
If anyone is interested in any of these rugs or has questions just email me, she's in the market for hooking!!!
Oh and if you think the inside is nice wait until I showcase her gardens!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Trip to Vacationland...

Heading into Maine!
This is the beautiful home of my cousin Julie in Gorham Maine.
It has to be one of my favorite homes on this planet! And of course the Heron just tops it off!! Shortly after we arrived we wasted no time and headed right out to the beach.
Scarborough Beach in this case. I'm going to say this little fellow is a Semipalmated Plover. They were so cute running along the beach. The locals were having a blast! We found many treasures and Morgan even tasted the salt water! When I saw this Subaru that looks just like mine...but without the rack on top, I had to take a picture! We're pretty sure it came with the surfer man that passed us as we came off the beach...sorry girls no picture! I'm one of those freaks that like cars more than men in wetsuits!!
Ha Ha Ha!! It was so good to get back to Julie's and have a comfortable visit
More adventures to come.