Sunday, February 26, 2012

Of Birds and Bottles

 Well, lately, up here on the mountain, it seems to be all about birds.
Mostly Bluebirds. I found a couple tiny salt and pepper shakers that fit right into the theme.
 See, there he is! Mr. BB checking out the new box!
And just in case I don't have enough Bluebirds or nest boxes, I thought I'd add another apartment for anyone who is interested.
 And then there is the thing about Bottles!
My Step-mom, Bette, sent me the most wonderful early birthday present!! A BOTTLE TREE!! Oh I've been wanting one for a very long time! She was SO shocked that it didn't come with the bottles but I told her not to worry! Finding the bottles was half the fun!
 Darn if I wasn't fresh out of bottles. EXCEPT for a bottle of a very old wine. It's a funny thing about that bottle. My best bud, Deb, from NY, gave me a bunch of old bottles of wine years ago. We didn't know if the wine was any good and it turned out that they were not. I dumped all the bottles and sent them to the recycle bin long ago...well, all but one bottle. Somehow it made it's way south, here to Alabama where bottles have a place. A very important place.
On a bottle tree. Now I have a piece of my good friend Debby right here on the mountain with me!

Now just because the barrow is turned over does not mean I drank that bottle of wine!
 The Camellias are putting on the best show they ever have.
 Two new houses sharing the yard.
 Oh! And something I've discovered.
If you are able to get Picasa through your TV, it sure is nice to see your blog photos shuffle randomly across your home screen!
Popcorn anyone!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Old Nests and New Butterflies

 One of my earliest butterflies, the Falcate Orangetip showed up in the warmth of this late winter day. Turns out it was one of three butterflies I would see today.
 I won't boast one these pictures, and what excuse did I have?...none, it sat quite still for me, but crisp shot was to be had.
 I would love to remember the name of this sweet early shade bloomer that I bought last year, but again, I've forgotten!
 One thing I am sure of, and that this is a bird nest!!!
 This is a Maple Tree!...
...and these are wild! 
 I can't have a post each new year without at least one photo of the crocus.
 The rake is getting put to good use. OH the leaves...will they ever end!!!!???
 I just can't wait for the Dogwood to bloom!
 The little Comma caught my eye, and again no clear shot.
 But it's a butterfly! Who could resist?
 Those little stick nests are everywhere!
Did I tell you there are 3 baby Flying Squirrels in the old Bluebird house! The little rascals!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Room for More

 As of yet, our resident flying squirrel has not decided that finding a more "natural" home is in his best interest.
Of course, I have not yet persuaded him to get looking,
...another home was added to the yard.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Scenes from the Yard

 After a brief return to winter weather things are getting back to the mild, spring is in the air, atmosphere here on the mountain.
The local Nuthatches are enjoying the homemade suet that I've kept going in the feeder.
 The price of Black Oil Sunflower seed has kept this fellow lonely this year.
 This bunch is a lot cheaper to take care of over the winter months!
 They are taking the place of the old birdbath. It finally let go so I'm thinking it'll make a great plant holder this year.
 You really can't have too much moss....can you?
 The Daffy's heads are hanging. That frost was just a bit much for the ones that were in bloom.
 However, the rescued flowers are standing tall with the chickens in the kitchen window!
 Nothing gets the Lenten Rose down! This bunch was laying on the sidewalk yesterday morning.
 And the rest of the spring growth just keeps pluggin along!

 Some of us just enjoy watching it all happen before our very eyes!
ummmm Ole, you got a loose hair there bud!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Thou Shall NOT Occupy!

 It has just been the most mild of winters in Northern Alabama!
The kind of winter that feels right for the south. We had a little snow and cold early on, but hopefully winter will close with ease and we can move on to bigger and better things.
 Ok, maybe I'm living in a dream world, but without dreams where would we be?
I'm looking forward to dividing Morgan's boots and finding new homes for the crowd growing there. Because as we all know it's not nice to Occupy too much space.
 It's much nicer to have room to breath.
 To guide with love and strength.
 This ideal brings out the best in all of us.
 For those who like to Occupy...
 Thinking you can cause trouble and put others out, then sneak away unnoticed... the wrong kind of thinking my friend!
We know who you are!
You are hereby notified!!!

P.S. I love it that the sweet little Flying Squirrels have decided to take up residence over the winter in my beloved Bluebird nest, however...
they just got their two week notice! This house belongs to my kids!