Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Late Summer

 This summer has just flown by! It's been hot and dry, very much like last summer.
One thing I can always depend on is my little buddy showing up at the window looking for something to eat and a little "Howdy!"

I really haven't seen a lot of butterflies this summer, but I've been pretty busy. The Gulf Fritillaries are showing up now,

as well as the Great Spangled Frits.

There's a hint of change comin!

And the ever beautiful Hydrangea are just doin their thing!
Hope your summer has been a good one!

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Month of July

 The month of July when by so fast!
The dragons came out...

The Blackberry Lilies popped...

The Salvia reached for the sky!

The Hummingbirds kept a watchful eye!

Tasty treats are growing...

...and we started building a shed!

Then we went to Ruby Falls...

...and The Incline!

And now we're back to work!

I hope your July went slower than mine!
I miss you all and hope to get back to blogging more regularly!