Monday, June 28, 2010

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Ok the title is a little bit off...but not really.
You remember my sweet little house in the wood. It is so quaint and tucked away with its little red door.
I just fell in love the minute I saw a picture of it.
One of the first things I thought, even tho I love the way it looks, is that the porch railing would give me a feeling of being in jail. After a year I've decided that yes it does. So the work began yesterday and most of the railings came down. My sweet hubby was a little sad because he just loves to go out and lean on the railing and survey the woods. So sorry honey.The railings were beautifully built and the best part about them is that I am going to reuse them somewhere in my gardens. I can't wait to figure out just what to do with them.I love the way this looks and feels. And now the doggies can get a better start on the squirrels, lizards, or any other critter that they like to chase! Silly dogs. Ok I forgot to put a picture of the dogs here...I'm sure it won't be long before Ole has his big fat paws hanging over the edge, waiting for trouble!The new look! I hope you like it!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Busy Summer Days

Seems I've been hiding lately. But I hope to get out and get some critter type photos soon.Morgan has been taking swimming lessons this summer (rather late in life) and she has gone from someone who wouldn't put her face in water 3 weeks ago to jumping off the diving board in the deep end of the pool and swimming her way out to jump in again!
I'm a very proud mom!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Something New and a Little Grumpy....

While searching for a Master Gardener course in my area on line, I ran into a new blog by someone very near me, and I like it, so of course I will share it with you. This is Art in the Wind by Bunnits. Now I wonder if the name has a hidden meaning and maybe some day I'll find out if it does. I'm wondering if Bunnits' bunny knits? Bunnits obviously loves bunnies as do we here at Sunny Side Up.During my adventure at Art in the Wind I ran across a link to Disapproving Rabbits which is just a real chuckler. So thanks, Bunnits, for having a great blog for me to enjoy. Maybe we'll run into each other out there some day, and thank you for the great link to a very funny place!

This is Daisy Lu and her very favorite friend.
Her rabbit very much disapproves of the spittle left on her ears.

Note: She is not so friendly to the little wild bunnies in the yard, but I'm trying to teach her to be a better neighbor.
PS Clicking on the titles of Art in the Wind and Disapproving Rabbits will take you to their blogs.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Around the Yard Part II

I guess it seems like I just did a flower post...hence the part two...but I've been busy and you know the drill. I've been wanting to do more critter posts but every time I see something great out the window and step outside with the fogs up because of the humidity!!
Something I have to remember now that I'm down here...must put camera outside in the morning!!!
Anyway the butterfly bushes are blooming!And I've got little "maters" growing...I'm pretty sure these are Danni's maters!
Thanks sweetie!!This years pot!Double Lilies.I really like these guys around the garden. I think they may be a dwarf plumbago.And I couldn't resist this Dahlia again.A brand new Monarda 'Beauty of Cobham' I ordered from Dutch Gardens. I hope they spread like weeds!!!And the Phlox.That bumble bee just had to have his picture taken! Perfect timing little guy!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Around the Yard

Right now the lilies are the stars of my yard show. These beautiful Easter Lilies were so big they fell over in the garden so I cut them for a vase on the porch.
The older parts of my gardens have lilies in mass.Well I just had to mention this little Dahlia that popped up out of nowhere this year.
At least I think it's a Dahlia.I hope all your gardens are as sunny as mine!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Across The Pond

My friend Lucy introduced Morgan and I to Across the Pond in Huntsville. What a great place for landscaping, gifts and ponds.
We were greeted outside by this friendly Lion......and inside by this sweet parrot.They had great original paintings of my favorite things......and pudgy gifts to put in the yard.But the most fun were the living things.This was some fish....Do you see him now?He was actually really BIG.and a little bit rich......just $10,000 would allow you to bring him home.And that's no fish tale!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Garden Favorites

I just love ferns......and sedums.And the Harvestmen really love to hang out in my gardens.