Thursday, March 31, 2011

Part II: Patricia's Gardens: A walk in the woods

  Tuesday afternoon Morgan and I headed to Patricia's for a little walk in the woods. This is the time in northern Alabama to get into the woods if you're worried about little things like big snakes, that will soon enjoy the wamth of a woodland slither. 
As you can see, sometimes the road has it's challenges.

 And you never know who has decided to take up residence along the way.

 Pat showed us very old, very large trees that had carvings made by relatives from long ago. We wished we could go back in time and see all the past events of her woods!

 The outcroppings of boulders grew out of the woods like mini cities and were turned up and twisted in awe inspiring ways. They had trees growing out of them and these beautiful Resurrection Ferns.

 Morgan is really enjoying the beauty of God's handiwork as she explores nature at it's finest.

 I have to report that my camera battery had died in the woods and I didn't get all the sweet wildflowers that were growing. Luckily I did have a battery in the car so when we got back to the gardens I was ready to go.

The Iris are just beginning to open.

Whimsy is just the thing in every garden!

I still can't get over the vibrant color of Azaleas.

And then came Maddie! She is a pro at playing soccer with a basketball!

She and Morgan had a blast...

 ...and they wore each other out!
What a great time we all had!
Thanks Pat, we're looking forward to spending more time getting to know you and sharing our love of the garden!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Patricia's Gardens: Some things are just meant to be. Part I

 The first year that I moved to northern Alabama was a year of discovery. Mostly just around my own neck of the woods.
After I found the main roads to my shopping destinations, I expanded my search to some of the back roads for a more relaxed drive. Well, it can be a little difficult to relax when you find a road with some of the most spectacular gardens on the mountain. The road I'm speaking of is the same road that I wrote about in October 2009 titled Living in a Dream. click here to see post.
Now there was this particular property on this road that turned my head and had me laying my foot on the break every time we drove by. Morgan had to here me say "next time I see someone in that garden, we're stopping" over and over again. Then finally, one June day when we were heading home from her swimming lessons, there she was! A lady in that garden! I hit the brake and we pulled in the driveway. Sure it was the wrong driveway but that was fine, when I asked if I could see her garden she welcomed me with open arms!
It was Patricia and we stood and spoke about gardens and gardening for over an hour. We felt like we'd been friends forever. It was meant to be.
These are photos from last summer.
Morgan in front of the massive cactus.

Look at these beautiful rows!
 The birds are very welcomed on this property. What friend of mine wouldn't welcome the birdies!

Oh and a dog in the garden with a smile like that! See it was meant to be! Meet Maddie.

Patricia and her husband live on the edge of the mountain, and they garden right to the bluff!

There are some big boulders in the woods behind their house but wait until you see the ones across the road!

We have many plants that are the same, but we also have some that we plan to share.

I brought Patricia one of my Blackberry Lilies and she told me that when a friend gives you a plant you are not supposed to thank them, if you do, it won't grow.
That is really going to be difficult for both of us, but I think we figured out a way to get around it. When she told me this story she gave me a wink and we both understand what that means.
I think we just started a tradition!

Tomorrow Part II: Our walk in her woods.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Story of My Harley Header

 Last year I somehow ran into a blog by a fellow, well I would say bloke but I'm not sure if that is proper for me to say, so I'll say fellow, from the London, England area, Gary, who was planning a trip on his beautiful Harley Davidson Road King, "The Leading Ladies". Not just any road trip, but one that traversed the United States from the most northern tip of Maine, to the most southern tip of California! I mean, how COOL is that!!
I found his blog before he started so was able to follow the journey and I even suggested he swing my old stomping grounds in the Thousand Islands area of NY which he did.
I was so touched when he took the time to stop at the end of my old road in Chaumont, NY and take pictures just for me!
Thanks Gary, that was just really nice of you.
Here are the photos he sent.

I was totally amazed by the adventures and stories that Gary photographed and wrote about, OH and the videos!!! Wow, it was as if you were right there on the bike and believe me when I say there were times my heart was pounding because well, I'm kind of afraid of heights and don't know if I could have made it on some of the beautiful, but scary, roads he managed to find.
After, what was it, 5 months and 21,000 miles the journey was over and me and his dedicated followers wished him well, said we were sad it was over, but lucky for us, Gary has plans for more exciting treks in the future.
So here I am at my header...a challenge to me from Gary. I was to get my motorcycle on a header before the end of March. Whew, I really am cutting it close, don't you think!
I've ridden a few times so far this year, but never managed to get a picture. I even planned on having more than just one but as I stopped for a second shoot, a fellow, who just bought a HD Forty Eight had to stop and talk to me about the bikes for about a half hour! hahaha, ask Gary he knows all about stopping and talking to people on their Harleys!
So here's my one photo...
...dedicated to Gary France. Thanks for bringing us along on your ride of a lifetime!
Please click on Gary's name or the title of my blog to go to Gary's blog and enjoy the adventure for yourself!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Emerging Gardens

 The days have been warm and sunny and wonderful things are beginning to happen.

All these photos were taken this evening before the light was lost.

Friday, March 18, 2011

More fun with Rachel

 They just had to jump off the mountain!

 Now Rachie is just showing off!

 It's always fun to find a hidey hole.

 Our day in beautiful Huntsville.

One more day today and then off to the airport at 5pm.

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Visit

Rachel is here for the week!

We're just going to have fun.

And be a little silly.

And hope every evening ends with a beautiful sky.
Morgan just enjoys having her sister by her side.