Friday, July 1, 2011

The Move

Morgan, Daisy Lu and I left for Florida on June 7th to give Bette a helping hand in packing her house and having an estate sale. She's lived in the house 13 years, the last nine without my dad as we lost him in 2002.
arriving in Florida.
I really didn't take a lot of photos because we worked our butts off from morn to late. Well, late nights were for playing cards and laughing.

A beautiful home that will make the new owners very comfortable.

Morgan was a hard working girl the two weeks we were there, but had plenty of time to enjoy the pool with Daisy Lu.

Bette and I went through many old pictures and I took many home with me. Here is my dad pretending to be Woody, long before Toy Story was created!

Here my dad is only half pretending! He was a Sky Marshall in the 70's and a United States Customs Agent after that!

Molly, my dad and Morgan in 1999.

Bette's new house is a duplex in a gated community. She will enjoy a lake in the backyard and a pool, with out all the up keep!

Ok I had to throw this one in too! Me and my dad on his new Lambretta Scooter! I didn't remember this so glad to find this one!

He became a pilot in the Air Force and flew a KC 135. He obviously loved aircraft at an early age.

Back at Bette's I tried to do a little bird watching in the early mornings. The White Ibis was a very popular bird at her place.

Her pond had a number of critters, including this Four-spotted Pennent.

Daisy Lu wasn't real happy about having to be leashed most of the time but she was a big draw during the sale!

Oh here's my dad again, showing off! hands!!

Bette closed on both houses yesterday. Today she is moving in her new beautiful house!

I'm thinking of you Bette and hope the move is smooth!!