Monday, August 16, 2010

"the Stig" visits Alabama!

Ok Gary, I have been told that Chris is not the Stig by Chris himself! So there, let's put that one to rest!
I was treated by a great visit today from Chris and Vicky from "Everyday Riding" blog and it was just a blast. I've been following their trek from the trickling beginnings of the Mississippi River in the great state of Minnesota, to the its final dump into the Gulf of Mexico. They have had quite an adventure so far with its ups and downs, sights, rain, and heat! Mostly heat! It was truly a pleasure to enjoy some sweet tea and talk about their journey. For some interesting information on some really cool motorcycles go visit Everyday Riding by clicking on Chris's name in this post or the title of his blog. Also click on Gary's name and see his adventure with Chris and how Chris, really just might be "the Stig"!!
Vicky is was such a pleasure to meet you! Hang on and enjoy all the views!
What a wonderful time to share!
Ride Safe you two, and I hope you didn't get too delayed by stopping.


Mary said...

I'll have to show this post to Mike and "the Stig" references. He talks about "the Stig" all the time. Top Gear is his favorite TV show and he and my son laugh their heads off every Monday night while watching it.

Unknown said...


Your sweet tea is reported to be the best in the country. Too bad you are so far away. You are such a gratious host and tour guide

Wet Coast Scootin

Unknown said...


I found it . . .

from the Canadian Pink Stig
Wet Coast Scootin

Gary France said...

How terrific that Chris and Vicky came to see you! I read on his blog just now that you took them out for a ride as well to show them the sights - that was very good of you. They have had a great trip down the river and they have been getting quite a lot of weather, good and bad, along the way. I take my hat off to them and to you for riding with them and giving them sweet tea (which by the way, I have no idea what it is).

You know, I am still not convinced he isn’t the American Stig. He would deny it of course....

Gary France said...

Mary - Mike is obviously a very sensible chap and your son also. Top Gear is my favourite TV show as well. Have you seen the one set in Vietnam when they all ride motorbikes - what a hoot that is!

Eve - If you don't watch the show then you are missing so much!

Eve said...

Oh yes Mary, of course Mike would know "the Stig". I'm surprised I haven't seen the British Top Gear. We watched a "car" show on BBC the other night at it was quite funny. Love those British Blokes!! hahaha!

Yes Bobskoot, you are the Canadian Stig!! I could tell by the pink crocs! Wow the best tea in the country!! Whooo Hooo!!!

I'll be looking for Top Gear on BBC for sure!

Hi Gary! Yep I think you may be right...he sure does look very Stigish to me! I think he's hiding his true identity!

Jenny said...

Ha! I didn't know you could get Top Gear over there. I hope you get to see it Evie. Chris loves watching it. Glad you could meet up with this couple and give them some of that there southern hospitality! Will look forward to some myself sometime next year! (-:

Mary said...

Mike says that he's the "Fat Stig". Don't ask me to explain that....he just explained it to me and the episode that it concerns! I guess I'm going to have to start watching this show, too. And yes, Gary, he knew what episode you were talking about.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Isn't it fun to meet blogging friends!

Chris said...

Thanks for the tour and the tea Eve!

PS: Top Gear UK is the best.