Saturday, July 26, 2008

Something Different...

I was recently visited by Denise at "An English Girl Rambles"
so of course went to visit her blog. What I found was a magical blog with beautiful photography, memories, wonderful poetry from the world's best poets and so much more.
In 2005 while in my Creative Writing college class I created a calender of bird poetry which was my final for that class.
The poems were written with children in mind but I've found that adults get quite a kick out of them as well.
So with Denise in mind, (this one's for you Denise), I thought I would post a poem every now and then.


There's a drake in my pond
He's all by himself,
Why is he here everyday?
He paddles alone
for hours on end
and sometimes he flies away.

But he always returns
to my small little pond
the reason
I'm sure I don't know.
Until one day
he reveals to me
The reason that he didn't go.

His duck waddles out
from the thickest of weeds
with her nine little ducklings
in tow,
and my drake is so proud
and his duck quacks so loud,
so happy her family
to show!

By Eve Sweatman


DeniseinVA said...

Eve, I am overwhelmed with your generosity of spirit in including me in your post. I can't thank you enough. And I love the poem you wrote, as well as the photograph. It is a true blessing that I happened on your blog and I look forward to your poetry. Thank you so much my friend.

Eve said...

OH thank you Denise!! You are quite an inspiration! I don't get out and travel as much as I'd probably like so I can travel with you and your're trips are wonderful!! I'm so glad you found me too!!!

The Birdlady said...

Oh, Eve, that is absolutely delightful! More, please?

John Theberge said...

Great photo to go along with the poem.

Adrian said...

Hello Eve

A very nice poem actually and a lovely shot of a Mallard in flight! The last time I wrote a poem I was at junior school some 35 years ago I think!! Here is one that always makes me laugh - a limerick....

There was an old man from Dundee,
Who got stung on the leg by a wasp,
When asked, "Did it hurst?",
He said, "No, it did not,
And he can do it again if he likes".

Ha Ha!

Best wishes.

Eve said...

Ha Ha Adrian!!
He must have been a crazy old man from Dundee!!!

Eve said...

Thanks John!
Thank you about one a month!! ;-)

Jenny said...

That's great Eve! Love it!
I don't think I could write a poem in a million years and I admire those who can. Keep 'em coming...

Eve said...

Thanks Jenny!!! It's really not that hard...I'll be expecting one from you tomorrow!!! Ha Ha!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Eve,

"Your Priceless" {:)

Eve said...

:-) Thanks Roy!!
You too!!

Shelley said...

I enjoyed the poem immensely!

Eve said...

Thanks Shelley! I'm glad you like it! I wish I could visit your blog computer freezes everytime I go to it. I should be getting a new computer in the next couple months...that should take care of that!!

Barbie ♥ said...

Eve my friend! Thanks for being a pest! Yes indeed I did miss this post and you know how I love poetry AND birds in flight - so thank you for letting me know that I missed one of the best posts! You must have been a darling in college - I just loved the picture and the poem! Thanks again and I'll be sure to visit Denise as well!

Danni said...

Sweet poem, and the picture brings it even more to have such a creative spirit.

Eve said...

Thanks Danni girl,
I'll be expecting a chicken poem very soon. From YOU not me!!!