Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

I am a proud American, I love my country and the people who make up this great nation. This country gained its independence because of ordinary men who stood up for what they knew was right. What was right for not only them, but their friends and neighbors and the country. The people came together to say they wanted to be free. They could not vote their way to freedom, they had to put everything on the line, and fight for freedom and I am in total awe of their bravery. Freedom is worth fighting for. It is the people who made this country great, not politicians, not interest groups, not judges. Today politicians have lost touch with the people, interest groups run our country, and judges try to rewrite the constitution from the bench. Our independence depends on one thing, the people. On this July 4, 2008 I think it’s time we the people go back to our founding fathers, read the Declaration of Independence, and feel that spirit, that bravery, we must do what is right for this country. Our independence, our freedom depends on it.
For those who serve you have my deepest respect. Our greatest men and women volunteer to defend our great nation. Their bravery is commendable, without them we would not be here. Thank you.
My father's KC135. He flew in Vietnam.The KC 135 is a refueler. The B25 flew in WWII.
Not all defenders are human!
My husband's UH 60 Blackhawk. Thank you for your service Honey! F 18 Hornet flown by Lieutenant Stacy Foley, her skill and bravery took my breath away. And the Missing Man Salute preformed by the Lima Lima Flight Team left me with tears streaming down my face!

Our vote is the peoples strongest power, know who you are voting for before casting your ballot.


Mary said...

Wonderful pictures! Thank you to all who serve! God bless America and long may she live free.....Happy 4th!

Stacey Huston said...

Eve, this is just beautiful.Thanks for all that you have done goes out to your wonderful husband, and father, and thanks to you and your children also.. I wish your family a beautiful and safe Independence Day, and everyday.

Anonymous said...

Very well said Eve. Bless you.
Happy Independence Day to you and all your family.

I always remember the humorous bit in the film "The Great Escape", when the RAF Group Captain said to Steve McQueen, "How are you getting on over there now without us".

From what I can see here now these days, a lot better than we are.

Jenny Vickers said...

Hi Eve

Happy 4th July from across the puddle!


Kathryn and Ari said...

Hi, Eve-
Happy 4th of July to you. It's strange how little we think about the history behind the holiday, no? I just heard a really great interview with David McCullough about his book, 1776. It sounds really fascinating, and I hope to read it soon.

Eve said...

Thanks all! I get a little patriotic...often...!!! I think reading more about our history is a very good idea!! I think they had it more right then than now. We have to get back to basics!!

Roy and Jenny it's great to have friends from "across the pond"!!! We really do have a deep connection, dont we!

Crap I have something sticky on my backspace key.....Ok time to yell at my daughter!!!! hahaha!

Have a great rest of the day!!!
We spent our 4th building the coop!! Still not done!!!

The Birdlady said...

Eve, that is a beautiful tribute.

Bird Girl said...

A touching post, Eve. Thanks to your father and your hubby for their service and yes...a lot to think about before we vote!