Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Deck Containers...

Well with the busiest time of year made busier with the addition of our keets and keet home building it's quite difficult to get a good blog post out there. Instead of just leaving a blank space for today I thought I would take a quick picture of one of my containers on the back deck. Each year I make them different...oh sounds like a good series...all my pots over the years!!! Sorry about the bright sunlit morning, not the best for photographing, but I'm not going to complain that the sun is shinning!!! This is one of three pots on the deck separated by the benches we built into the deck...who wants a rail when you can have a bench!!!
I hope you all have a bright sunny day today with just enough cloud cover each time you go to hit the shutter button!!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Eve,

That is a great shot.

The Birdlady said...

Im so glad there's not a blank space - the flowers are beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to post them.

Eve said...

Thanks Roy!
Thank you too, Helen :-)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Very pretty - even with the brilliant sunshine! :-)
I'm sad to say I'm getting ready to release my weather pixie...I just don't think she's coming back.
I get nothing but an error message if I go to the main website, too. sad, sad, sad...my husband really liked her. LOL

Bird Girl said...

Very pretty pots...ans YES that does sound like a good series - your pots over the years!
Glad you and your young birdwatcher enjoyed the hummingbird book, thanks!

Mary said...

That is beautiful! Would love to see more of the planters! I was so lazy this year and now I have very little color to look at :(

John Theberge said...

Lovely container planting, I have a few containers too but nothing this nice.

Eve said...

Danni...I let her go...we'll both miss our weatherpixie, but I think it was for the best!!!

Barbara...I have last years planter up! Thanks!

Mary....there is always next season!!

John...the pots are easy enough...what do they say?...a spike, a trailer and a filler and pack them in!!
(They probably actually say more than that but hey...you get the idea!!!)