Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oh Happy Day!!!

As you know we have been working hard to get our guinea coop finished...while working, our guineas were growing by leaps and bounds!! If you know anything about guineas, you know leaps and bounds literally comes with growing!!!
Look how very big they are getting!!!Here is the coop the day before we finished. There is still a bit of tidying up to do but last night at about 8 PM they were in the boxes to make the trip out the door. Daisy Lu was so excited because now she could get close-up and personal with her new pals!! She's been looking at them through a wire wall for 3 weeks now!! Sometimes she lets her Jack Russell side take over but with a quick word from me she goes back to being a Shih-tzu. Do you remember this little guy from the early days??? Do you suppose this is that fiesty fellow??? Your guess is as good as mine!!


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Yay!!!!! Congrats, Eve...the coop looks wonderful and I am so happy that you've got your babies outside where they belong! Now comes the fun part of cleaning up where they've been - boy, do I remember *that* part! But it will feel so good when everything is back to normal again. They sure are cute little things. What do you think of their noises? Are they as loud as you thought they'd be? Do you have a favorite one?
Congrats again!!!
And...GOOD GIRL, Daisy Lu, for being gentle with the keets! (pup cookie for you next time you're at my house!) :-)

Eve said...

Hi Danni!!!
Yes the clean-up begins!!! It sure will feel good to have my house back!! But I'm happy we did it!
The question is...what do YOU think of their noises??? Ha Ha!!! They are funny looking critters no doubt!! I see their waddles starting and the helmet is just starting to pop up!! Now I can see them so much better!! My favorite is all of them since they all look alike, but one of them likes me a lot. I just can't tell which one he is once he walk away!! Or SHE??? Time will tell!
Daisy Lu is out of "chicken tenders" so right now its bologna "chicken" until I get to the store!!!

Anonymous said...

My goodness Eve, haven't they grown big so soon. What are you feeding them on. Steroids???

Jenny Vickers said...

Hi Eve
Cooptastic! Happiness all round.

My husband asked to ask you if can use the eggs of Guineas? Will they wander outside during the day eating up ticks and other pesky bugs as well as you providing food indoors? Will you need an enclosure around the coop to keep them cooped up? There's enough questions to be going on with.....

Mary said...

Congratulations on getting finished! Now you can throw them a housewarming party :-) The difference in the little chicks and now is amazing. I do love their beutiful feathers. The coop looks great! I'm sure you are happy to be able to shift your concentration to something new after all this work.

The Birdlady said...

Oh my gosh! They are so BIG now. Good little Daisy Lu -

Eve said...

Hi all!!

Lot's of protein!!! ha ha...Their on "turkey starter" it seems to work quite well! They are having a blast out there!

Jenny and Chris!
They say the eggs are very good. Just a little smaller than chicken eggs. 90% of their diet will be bugs. I will feed them when they come in at night. There's the thing...they need to be trained in a routine, and if I want eggs or babies for that matter I have to keep the hens in until they lay or they will be out in the wilds making nests and possibly getting eaten!! Let's hope for the best!!

Thanks Mary!
I can't wait to find something else to do...after it stops raining!!

Hi Helen,
They really seem to like Daisy Lu too!!!

Bird Girl said...

Congrats on the finished job - looks great! I can't believe how they have grown - and Daisy Lu is a good little doggie!