Friday, May 30, 2008

Finally.....'s a beautiful day! This picture was taken a couple days ago and I thought it looked like a highway out there!!
Today it's already in the 50's (with NO wind) at 6 AM and I'm going to hit the ROAD!!!!!
Have a great Friday!


The Birdlady said...

Hope you have a wonderful day - and be careful on that thing!

For The People said...

Really Nice Post.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when we would see the Katana full on.

Speed limits, what speed limits?

Have (or more probably had by now) a good day.

Eve said...

Thanks Helen! I was!!! ;-)

Thank you FTP!!!

Well Roy I just kinda ran around town today. No full out racing!! Ha Ha! Oh and FYI...For the People who posted is a police officer!!! So I wouldn't say if I did go too fast!!!


Stacey Huston said...

Have fun and be safe Eve..

Bird Girl said...

Hi Eve - That sky is just full of clouds and contrails - yes it does remind one of a highway. Or how'bout 'Stairway to Heaven' for a title ;-)
I'm scared to death of motorcycles - but I do remember how fun I thought they were when I was young! Nice bike!

Eve said...

Well, Bird Girl, I was not a kid when I got my first bike but I always wanted one. I'm actually afraid of them in a good way. (Not really of the motorcycle but those around me). A little fear keeps me much more safe!
Hope it's a beautiful day where you are!

Julie said...

You're going to get that pretty bike all messy!

I finally had to break down and do some major windshield insect removal. I was getting a stiff neck from craning to see above all the bugs.

I thought of you and your blog this morning when I found my first red poppy bloomed. The battery in my camera was dead or I'd already be showing it off. I have to make sure I get a photo of all it's brand new perfection.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

And so? How was it? :-)
Will you be able to get much riding in once summer arrives and school lets out?

Eve said...

Hi Julie!
I still have to wash the bugs off from my April trip when it was warmer than late May!!! My poppies are out too but the wind won't stop blowing long enough for me to get a decent picture!!! Hope your weather is better!

Well Danni,
Not too much after school gets out..that's why this cold weather is so upsetting! But that's just the way of the world, it does what it does and we just have to live with it!!

Iwanttocomeback asmycat said...

Actually, the first thing that I saw in the cloud formation was a giant mosquito. Shows what I think of in spring...