Monday, June 2, 2008

Out for a Walk...

It was another gray day yesterday and late in the afternoon I went for a walk out back. The sky was dark and it was difficult to get good pictures but wanted to document the stroll on the paths.
On the way to the old fort is such a beautiful walk. Under the trees and over the bridge. Usually by this time of year the little stream is dry but with the cold and rain we've been having it's still a bit soggy!
The crevice always has water no matter what the weather is. Believe it or not even though everything around this area may be dry there are little fish that have thrived in this bit of water for as long as I have been here. Even if my little pond dries up some of the fish are washed down in the spring and fall to restock it.
The columbine have a way of finding the crevice as a wonderful place to live.
I have a rare and beautiful flower "Prairie Smoke" that is normally found only in the west. My batch has not done very well as it has dwindled in size. There is a much larger area of it in The Chaumont Barrens just up the road.
A song sparrow yells at me for getting in the vicinity of his nest.
Back in the yard I see my young apple trees have fruit!!!
And lastly I keep wild hawthorn trees in the yard as small specimen trees. I cut them up so the kids wouldn't put an eye out!!! Hope you enjoyed this little trip.


The Birdlady said...

Hi Eve...I did enjoy the walk - Wonderful little sparrow, and that prarie smike is gorgeous - never saw any.

For The People said...

I loved it. Great pics and comentary.

Anonymous said...


Although it was poor photographic weather, this walk was good an has a lot of potential, roll on the better weather.

John Theberge said...

Great set of walk photos. It's amazing sometimes to see where plants will grow, like your columbine picture. If you tried planting seeds in the same spot they would never germinate.

Flower Girl said...

I like the song sparrow picture.

Bird Girl said...

Eve, I really enjoyed the walk. The Prarie Smoke is amazing! I love it! Your Song Sparrow is perfectly exposed and neat how the Columbine grows out of the crevice!