Friday, May 23, 2008

And the Sun does Rise....

We have been pummeled by wind, rain, and cold for a week now but today the sun is rising and there are forecasts in the 60's and even, dare I say, 70's!! I don't even want to look back in my picture files and see what was going on in the gardens a year ago! Two days ago my cousin and I went for a walk out back, with our winter coats on but we were cheery and enjoyed the beauty around us. In my back garden the Goats Beard (Aruncus) was beginning it bloom. Some kind of fuzzy bumble bee was sipping on my Centaurea.
Way out back the Raven was being chased by a crow. Ravens used to be rare in my area but they have been expanding their range down from the Adirondacks. A beautiful wild Geranium was looking for the sun. A young oak tree was nearly dressed in green My property used to be part of a shallow ocean back in a time that is hard to imagine. There are strange out cropping of limestone that have been drilled by the elements and time. If you can see in this picture there is some kind of fossil, I believe some type of Cephalopod. And always with us the ever excited and eager to bound, Daisy Lu!!


John Theberge said...

I must say the photos you posted today are absolutely stunning. Your pictures are getting better and better with each post.

Stacey Huston said...

Daisy Lu made me laugh out loud..I have a new Aussie puppy and she jumps just like this.. My husband keeps telling me I need to capture a picture of it while she is still little... Great photos.. glad your rain quit... still soggy here..but I know the sun will come in time so I won't complain..(grin) We have a hill behind our house that is just loaded with fossils.. you should come and explore... /maybe when the rain quits.. would be QUITE muddy right now.. Have a great weekend Eve..

The Birdlady said...

Beautiful post - and I love Daisy Lu - We had a little Daisy for 19 years - lots of joy.

Sandpiper said...

Your pictures are beautiful! Every one of them is stunning.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ha, ha...Daisy Lu is so sweet! Did she recently have a haircut?
And so, what I have growing in mass quantities in my new garden is Centauria, huh? Good to know...I had been wondering and just hadn't found the time yet to look it up.
So glad you're warming up a bit. We, too, are supposed to hit 70 degrees today, but it's supposed to be overcast with thunderstorms. We almost never get thunderstorms, so that should be exciting. :-)
Give Daisy a pat for me and Roxster!

Eve said...

Thanks John! That is quite a compliment!

Stacey, get the puppy pictures!!! We miss our Aussie Murphy Brown, we had her 15 1/2 years! What a great girl!

Thanks Birdlady, Daisy is my first "little dog", I couldn't imagine life without her.

Thanks Sandpiper!!! So glad you like them!

Hi Danni,
Anytime you need help with something new in your yard take a picture and send it!!! I am so full of information, sometimes I think my head will explode!!!
Hope those Donkeys arrived without a hitch!! Well, you could probably use a hitch but that's not the one I mean!!! hahahaha!!