Friday, September 19, 2008

Trip to Vacationland...

Heading into Maine!
This is the beautiful home of my cousin Julie in Gorham Maine.
It has to be one of my favorite homes on this planet! And of course the Heron just tops it off!! Shortly after we arrived we wasted no time and headed right out to the beach.
Scarborough Beach in this case. I'm going to say this little fellow is a Semipalmated Plover. They were so cute running along the beach. The locals were having a blast! We found many treasures and Morgan even tasted the salt water! When I saw this Subaru that looks just like mine...but without the rack on top, I had to take a picture! We're pretty sure it came with the surfer man that passed us as we came off the beach...sorry girls no picture! I'm one of those freaks that like cars more than men in wetsuits!!
Ha Ha Ha!! It was so good to get back to Julie's and have a comfortable visit
More adventures to come.


John Theberge said...

Boy, I've seen that bridge a few times in my day. Love your cousins house with its bow roof, you don't see too many houses with that roof style. Look forward to seeing more photos from the trip.

Mary said...

What a beautiful house and I love the heron! I bet it is fantastic inside, too. The beach looks great and I would spend hours there, I'm sure! Can't wait for more.

Eve said...

Hi John,
This house is amazing and yes very different!

Hi Mary!
It is unbelieveable inside...I will be doing a post just to showcase the interior. She did an amazing job!

The Birdlady said...

THat house is a dream! Love your close-up shot of the sand treasures.

Jenny said...

Hi Eve
Love that unusual house and can't wait to see inside. Like Mary, I think I'd be spending quite a bit of time on that beach.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Evie
Really glad your back. Lovely house, your cousins, how unusual. Nice car.
Is that an anti speed trap machine on your dashboard, Tut. Tut. Mrs Sweatman I thought you didnt speed.??? {:)

Bird Girl said...

This is a fun post - I always take pictures while I'm driving of bridges, etc. People look at you like you are crazy, though - haha.
Love your cousins house and grounds - can't wait to see more!
By the way...I'm one of those crazy women who will take the men in the wetsuits and forget the cars ;-)

Eve said...

Hi Helen,
I agree about the house, it was hard to leave!!

Hello Jen Wren,
I love the ocean...I should be living there!

Hey Roy,
Nice to be back but I sure do miss it there. Yes that is a radar detector! Keeps me on my toes!! I have to be careful with that little racecar of mine, sometimes it just takes over!!
Did I say I wasn't a speedster????

Hi Barb,
I love that house!! Well now I wish I'd taken that picture of the fellow in the suit!! Next time!!!

Shellmo said...

That home is gorgeous! I loved that photo of the shells in the sand too!

Denise said...

Like everyone else I love your cousin's house. I don't believe I have seen one like it before. It is gorgeous. Loved the one of the sand dollar on the beach, the bridge was very cool, all your pics were great. Glad you're home.