Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Sign of Things to Come...

It warmed up enough today to go out and do some cutting in the garden. As I was trimming away the Coneflowers that I left for the birds to nibble on over the winter I noticed a few surprises in the garden.
One of my favorite early risers are allium .... I worry about them though because they tend to come up and look beautiful then a hard frost will yellow the leaves. But there are always long lasting globes of purple to enjoy in the months ahead.

Also signs of my Sedum Autumn Joy pushing out the dead stalks. I am always amazed by these beautiful compact starters.

This is such a wonderful time of year and although it only got into the 40's today I can feel the sun becoming warmer as it continues to climb to the height of the summer solstice. NO RUSH though!!!

All the while I was being watched by a patron of mine...
waiting for me to get back into the kitchen so she could dine in peace!!!

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