Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gettin Our Exercise....

Last night we had a beautiful sunset and it was a little bit red so we had a little bit of a nice day today. Some sun in the morning, it clouded up, but it still got up to near 40 degrees F. My mom and I took Daisy Lu and Ole out for a walk. We went to the pond and some of it was running...

This is the side that faces southeast, the water comes from runoff from the east. It channels through our property in a meandering swampy stream...then into a crevice system, through a cave and eventually to our pond then beyond across the road and probably ends up in Lake Ontario!

This is the side facing the west and road, and as you can see its fun for ice skating right now. Or if you are a little dog, running fast on! That dark spot on the left is Ole eating his rawhide bone. He did not want to share, which just got Daisy Lu all that much more wired up!
She found the old peanut butter jug that Ole liked clean for me (before recycling) and decided she hadn't run enough yet.
She finally got tired and wanted to be Queen of the Hill!!!
We had a good day but sure would like it to feel a bit more like Spring!


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ha! That second to the last photo is awesome...I have some pics of Roxy like that...running full tilt on the beach with the biggest grin on her face. My dog grins. Truly. In that second-to-the-last photo of yours, I can see Daisy Lu grinning, too. :-)Too bad we don't live closer - our pups would LOVE running together. Rox has a never ending supply of running and chasing energy.

Eve said...

I'm sure you are right Danni!!
They would have a blast!!