Wednesday, March 19, 2008


While I'm saying goodbye to my redpolls, I'm saying hi to the Canada Geese stopping for a rest. Soon the sky will be full of Canada and Snow geese...sometimes in flocks in the thousands. This is a sure sign birds are on the move and so is warmer weather. YIIPPYYYEEE!!!


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Beautiful - I think these birds are so pretty. This isn't your back yard, is it?

Eve said...

Hi Danni
This is part of our property across the road from our house. Not the forest in the background (sadly) just to that little bushline. We have 120 acres but it is mostly scrub brush and flat. We have horrible clay soil which is tough for gardening. Something I do love about my property is there are areas of limestone croppings exposed to the sky which are riddled with fossils from a very distant past. Sea critters of all things!!! We also have a cave that runs about 150 yards or so about 8 feet tall. It can be kind of scary in there!!! I guess that would be a good blog subject someday!!!!
Thanks for checking my blog so much're a good friend!!!
Hey I read your "tag" game post today! I had to laugh...#4 where you talk about how you all treat each other.....that is US too!!! Life is too short to tiptoe around people...tell it like it is!!! And have fun doing it!!!
Peck a chickeebabe for me!!!