Monday, March 10, 2008

Getting Started

What Will Become of this Blog? Well here I sit with Daisy Lu in my lap (pictured left) trying to figure out if I'm even going to remember my password etc for my own blog! It happend so fast getting on here I wasn't really expecting to be working on it so soon. I came up with the name Sunny Side Up because I love the sunshine, warmth, and up beat attitudes. Which may contridict some of my moods but hey it's my blog!!! I love photography, gardening, dogs, birds, nature, a little controversy and knowing the difference between right and wrong. Lets start there shall we! I still have to figure out if I can ever find my blog again!!! Your new friend, Eve
More about me next time.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

This puppy face looks surprisingly familiar to me! Love the sweater! Roxy's is pink :-) My husband won't hold her leash when we go for walks if she's wearing it. I think it's cute.

Eve said...

Hey farmgirl!
Well, my husband won't either!!! This sweater was orange and white striped...I said WAS because that little stinker when out and gathered up a sweater full of burdocks with it and I wasn’t about to pick them all out. I think her father set her up to that!!!
It'll be windbreakers from here on out!!!