Friday, March 21, 2008

And the Winner is......


Last year I entered a photo contest with 'Dutch Gardens' my favorite plant supply company. I entered the "Best Garden Bed" category with a picture I took of the garden I planted with my Dutch Garden perennials. The garden was in its second year of growth and I was very pleased with my hard work. I had taken the picture, not knowing about the contest, but when I saw the contest I thought this would make a fine entry. Well the year went by and every now and then I would check on all the beautiful entries to the contest and think to myself...this is a good could win....
This Feburary, the phone rang and it was Dutch Gardens calling to tell me I WON! Not only did I win best garden bed, but I won best in show! David Grist from Dutch Gardens congratulated me and told me to check my email for details on my win. I opened my email and found that I had won $1,100.00 in garden plants and supplies!! You can view my photo on Dutch Gardens web site here,default,pg.html
Dutch Gardens also sent me a free detailed design for a garden that I plan to plant at the front of my house!
Thank you Dutch Gardens for not only a great garden company but for this wonderful gift!! I can't wait to get started planting!!!
PS this win has inspired me to finally get going on my dream of starting a photography business. So "Pets and Petals Photography" is in the early stages of being formed. Wish me luck!


Reb said...

Congratulations :) Thanks for the comment on my blog--we definitely have a lot in common! I'm also dying to get out on the bike...I keep waiting for a 40 degree day. When it happens and the streets are dry I'm SO there :)

Eve said...

Thanks Rebecca!
I'm going to keep an eye on your photography your blog, and your weather Ha Ha!!! I love your new bike! I'm thinking of getting a Nightster by HD! It would be a big step for me getting off the crotch rocket!!! Maybe I'll keep it around just in case!!
You are in my thoughts,

Yvonne Cunnington said...

Wow, Eve, congratulations! Way to go! Enjoy your plants and the photography. By the way, have you thought of applying to as a photographer?

I can't wait until there's a little more color to shoot. The world is still so tone- on-tone. Cheers, Yvonne

Eve said...

Hi Yvonne,
Thank you! I can't wait to get started digging my new garden! I actually have an account with istock but need to do some studying on what would sell best.
Hey have fun with your coyote!!! Who knew they ate crababbles!!!