Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Band Break

I have to let all my friends know what I've been doing lately.

I've been a Band Mom.

It's been FUN!

Morgan has been having the best time in the world!
The season is over and I'm putting together a little movie for the band.
The 2010 DAR Marching Patriots!
Way to go!!!!


bunnits said...

Oh, gosh, does that bring back memories from years ago and my high school days.

Ha ha! I had a funny dream about you last night. I was trying to get the milkweed seeds to you, but when I arrived at your house in Grant, you'd moved back to your old place in New York, so I rode a bicycle all the way up there to give them to you. Had some interesting and silly adventures along the way and while there.

Roy said...

Wow! that is one smart young Lady.
Great new header Evie, love it.

Eve said...

OH hahahaha! That is SO funny Bunnits!!!! Well, lets hope that dream doesn't come true!!

Thank you Roy...yes she is!!! Glad you like that colourful header!!!

Kerry Hawkins said...

Very fun and it's the patriots. My hometown football team

Rural Rambler said...

Great pictures Evis! CH was in marching band in HS. Morgan looks so nice in her uniform and she has grown up. How does that happen so fast? The movie will be fun, hope we get to see a little sampler :)

Yummmm GIANT cookie. With icing.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

I 'member those days well, too! I know you are having a blast and am SO looking forward to seeing the movie. When's the Premiere? Do I need to rent a limo? Black tie? LOL! Love ya!

Jenny said...

Morgan looks absolutely great in her smart marching uniform! I know you've had fun with putting all this together, can't wait to get a peek! (-:

Wendy said...

Hello Band Mom :)

Glad to see Morgan is having such a great time - and you too it seems!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Did you make that giant cookie Eve? Looks oh so delicious! Morgan looks so cute and grown-up in her band uniform. I thought New England was home to the Patriots, way to go Morgan. Might we get a peek at the movie?

Mary said...

Wonderful! She looks great in her uniform and with her clarinet. Being a band mom is a lot of fun.