Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The front garden is covered in leaves and looking drab. It's been a while since the vibrant colors of Spring.

I built this rustic bench out of materials left here from the previous owners.
I just love it...as a matter of fact there is enough material to make 5 or 6 more!

And this is one of my finds at the Antique Shop I found the other day.
I thought it would make a fine planter and I paid a whopping $4.00 for it!
As soon as my mom saw it, she said..."oh that's a coal hod! We had them when we were kids."


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

YOW!! Your first photos really POPS, girlfriend! Brilliant reds, steamy greens and dashing golds...yes! Your antique shop find is outstanding. Love your bench and also the little birdie doohickie sitting atop it. ....if it's ever missing one day....I didn't do it.

Kerry Hawkins said...

your shots are so beautiful. Love the color of the top photo

Wendy said...

Wow, look at all that red! No more bright colours over here, it's a winterland now :)

I really like that old coal hod, what a great idea for a planter. I like its rustic look :)

The Early Birder said...

Gorgeous colours still hanging overhead Eve. I also remember using the coal bucket (whoops showing my age!).. great buy for a planter. FAB.

A New England Life said...

Eve, these photos are absolutely gorgeous! I just love them! You are such a talented lady : )

I hope your family has a peaceful Thanksgiving.

Eve said...

Debi...you make me laugh!

Thanks Kerry!!

I figured you were wintery up there Wendy...brrrrr!

Thanks Frank...hopefully I'll have something pretty in the hod this spring!

Thanks Sharon! You're so sweet! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Anonymous said...

More beautiful colours Evie and that "expensive" planter Wow.

bluekat said...

Wonderful color and composition on the first. Would make a nice abstract. Love it!

All the muted colors following on the heels of autumn's bright show make me feel ready to settle in for the winter. You last three images remind me that it's nearly time for the quiet season.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Eve, your blog Header is absolutely breathtaking, along with the rest of the photos to your post. Your little garden bench offers the perfect "primitive" touch to your beautiful grounds. You scored a great little treasure there girlie! Find a small little pine or fir tree and give it a home in the coal hod for the holidays!

Rural Rambler said...

Good Morning Evis! I love your little bench in the woods with the bird feeder :) Beautiful Alabama Fall shots! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving on your Alabama Mountaintop :)

Mary said...

Your color shots are beautiful! Great bench and coal hod! You are so creative.