Friday, November 26, 2010

Creeper Camo

When I opened the door yesterday to check on the Nuthatches and Titmice at the feeder I noticed something a little different climbing up one of the trees.
A little camouflaged Brown Creeper!

They are not the easiest birds to spot but sure are special to find since they are not as common as many other birds in my woods.
They also don't hold very still so these photos are the best I could get.  They are however, much better than the ones I got last year at this time of this little Brown feller.
When I turned around I noticed something not so camouflaged.

One of my two beautiful Camellias is beginning to bloom.

When I turned around again, I saw other non-camo garden beauties.
This little Harvestman was doing his best not to be seen...

...but not these Salvia. (I'm pretty sure they are Salvia but if I'm wrong please feel free to let me know).
The Redbud seed pods stand out a little bit.
And this Dogwood is hanging on til the bitter end!


Mike Simmons said...

Nice color in these shots, Eve! That closeup of the Camellia is beautiful and the shot below is really nice. The Brown Creeper would be hard to spot.

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

What a cute little bird! Great photos and fall colors. All the colors are gone at my house except for the Nandina plant.

Anonymous said...

Great shots of the creeper Evie and those camellias are just such a beautiful colour.

bunnits said...

Great photos! I love the little Brown Creeper. I rarely see them--probably the camo. Really like your new header photo, too.

bluekat said...

I love those gentle fall colors. My grandparents had a camellia, but it seems to me it bloomed in the spring. Nice capture of the little Creeper.

Eve said...

Thanks Mike!

Hi Nicole, Those Nandinas are just beautiful this time of year!

Thanks Roy!

Hi Bunnits! I've only seen two so far here.

Hi Kari! there are many camellias and they bloom different times of the year. I have another that blooms in very early Spring.

Kerry Hawkins said...

Love these Nature Shots! That little bird is so small and cute!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Very nice. How wonderful to have such a place as yours!

Mary said...

Creepers are so hard to get good photos of because they blend in so well. These are great! The flowers and leaves and all are beautiful, too. Your property has so many pretty things on it!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Such lovely treasures found only in the enchanting woods of Sunny Side Up.

Wendy said...

Those brown creepers are so hard to shoot! You did get nice shots :)
Everytime you post pictures from your yard it just makes me wish I could see it with my own eyes, all your pictures are so pretty!