Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Typical Morning....

I'm starting to feel like Danni at Critter farm. Each morning has become a routine with the "kids". Out we go and we take a trip across the yard. I turn to look at my gardens and wonder what critters they will draw in. Oh there's one now!! A little white critter there on the left!Bye kids....don't go too far! I have to take a peek at some new double tiger lilies from my Dutch Garden winnings. And there's a new surprise in the garden!
A Great Spangled Fritillary! Turn around and Daisy's trying to figure out where her buddies went!!! I think they're out front....let's go!!!


Denise said...

Good Morning Eve,

If this is a typical morning I want to move where you are! Daisy is a cute little pup and loved those birds, and butterflies, and flowers, what did I miss? :))) A lovely post as always. Have a good one.

kjpweb said...

Beautiful shots - love the Butterfly image - it's gorgeous!
Cheers, Klaus

Mary said...

Do they just wander freely all day? A man in our area used to have guineas and they would wander out onto the busy road...never saw any get hit amazingly! That is a beautiful lily and butterfly, too. Your flower garden looks great!

Adrian said...

Hi Eve

Every time I see your extended family my tummy starts to talk to me! Daisy is definitely feeling left out I think!!

Best wishes, Adrian

Lynne said...

I really enjoyed the tour this morning. Your gaden is so pretty. It looks like your flock adds quite a bit of humor to your day.

John Theberge said...

Wonderful photos, that fritillary shot is real nice. Your blossoms look a lot better than mine; I guess your keets are taking care of the japanese beatles.

The Birdlady said...

Good grief! What are you feeding those keets?

Anonymous said...

Hey Eve,

You need to watch out for that little white critter.!! {:)

Great fritillary.

Jenny said...

Lovely photo of the Frit. Must get one of those Echinacea, just have to make room in my garden! Daisy Lu looks as if she's saying...'wait for me guys!' Sweet!

Eve said...

Afternoon Denise! I think you got it all!! Thanks and come on up anytime!!

Hi Klaus! Thanks for stopping! I check out your beautiful blog a lot, just haven’t commented. I tried today but it didn’t work…L. Thanks for your nice comment!

Hi Mary! Well they would wander all day if our big dog didn’t want to eat them! We’re training him to be good, but until they can fly to safety I don’t trust him. They are a funny bunch!

Hi Adrian! STOP!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!

Hi Lynne, They are a Hoot!!! Actually that would be a "buck wheat"!!!

Thanks John! I heard the flowers are just all bent over from the rain up there! Well, I don’t have any Japanese Beetles here, so they aren’t eating them. Hope they’re eating ticks tho!!

Hi Helen…hope your having a good trip. They are on a high protein diet right now…soon to be weaned! Big little buggars aren’t they!!

Hi Roy….that little white critter is the best guinea herder on the planet…she brings them to me every time! I’m so proud of her!!

Howdy Jenny Wren,
Make room for one! Soon you’ll have too many…you’ll have to send some to Roy and Adrian!! Daisy Lu only says “wait for me guys” when they are flying across the yard!!

Bird Girl said...

That butterfly is so beautiful on that coneflower! And the double tiger lily is quite unique!
Nice to have your life filled with critters!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Great pictures, Eve...I *love* seeing your morning routine. Daisy Lu gave me a giggle, as usual. She's so serious about her "work", isn't she? Roxy is, too.
Those guineas are growing so fast...sniff...our babies are all grown up, Eve! :-)

Stacey Huston said...

LOL and where is Olie?