Friday, August 8, 2008


It's a busy morning. I'm getting ready to go to my reunion and also went to breakfast at a good friend's house early today. It was almost a wash out but we strolled the gardens and walked in the woods. Not many pictures tho because of the rain and dark. Here is a picture of one of her beautiful Hydrangeas. After we came out of the woods we met Mr. Frog who was cold and wet! He was more than happy to sit and warm up a bit in a soft little hand!
I think he looks like he's really happy...don't you?Oh and I have to show you the kids new favorite hangout!
Lunch anyone!Have a great weekend!


Farmgirl_dk: said...

That frog...he's totally smiling at you! :-)
Love the hydrangea shot..very pretty.
I'm betting you probably have to hose down that nice little picnic table once the g-hens are finished hanging out on it, right? :-)
Have a great weekend, Eve!!

Jenny said...

Hi Eve
Love the glycerine look to the hydrangea and that is ONE HELL OF A FROG! We don't grow 'em that big over here! Good that the Guineas are making themselves at home. Have a great reunion.

Adrian said...

Hey Eve

It's been dark and rainy here too most of the day. No trip out for me but to mother shopping instead. The guineas look like they're pretty much at home and they will even keep the table top clean! Enjoy your reunion.

Best wishes, Adrian

Bird Girl said...

Those kids aren't dumb! I'm sure they are enjoying someone's leftover crumbs - haha.

The frog does look happy - did you kiss him ;-)

By the way - don't forget to wear your Elton John blue jean jacket!

Denise said...

Hey Eve, great photo trio. Your kids look they are having a great old time, and that frog? He's so cute. The hydrangea one is very pretty. It is 5.32 p.m. and I'm imagining you having a great chat catching up with your school chums.

Denise said...

Hi Eve, I am imagining you catching up with all your old school chums at the reunion. Enjoyed these three photos, your kids look like they are having a ball, your frog looks very comfortable and very cute, and the hydrangea is so pretty. Overcast days are good for taking flower photos aren't they? I thought I read that somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eve,
No table manners, those Guineas.

The Birdlady said...

Enjoy the your jacket on?

Stacey Huston said...

LOL Eve, I got a big chuckle out of the frog picture. Looks like it knows something we don't, best check for warts lol..

Mary said...

Have a great time at your reunion! What a beautiful hydrangea...I like the white delicate ones like that. That is a very contented frog! Hmmmm..might make having a picnic difficult with all those guineas looking for handouts...typical hungry kids!

Arija said...

Nothing like a hand held frog to brighten up your day!