Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I just feel like embracing summertime..... I love lilies in my garden and if you can believe it....
Spiders too! As long as I know where they are!


Stacey Huston said...

I bet you wouldn't have liked it if it had jumped on your lens.. LOL Thanks for sharing!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Beautiful pictures, again!
I'm not so fond of lilies, though...the fragrance is too much for me and I never fail to get "orange stuff" on my face without knowing it, causing others to laugh at me. :-)
Spiders and I have an agreement. They are allowed to co-exist with me in my house as long as the primary rule is never broken. That primary rule is that they can't be over my bed. If they tread into "the protected zone", I bitch and moan and get to work capturing them and taking them outside.

Eve said...

HA HA! A few years ago I might have screamed like a girl!! But now...maybe I wouldn't!!

Lilies are beautiful...just keep your nose out of them and you won't get that yellow stuff on there!!
I'm not the best housekeeper on the planet but spiders are not allowed...they must take it outside where they belong!!
On the other hand YOU should probably keep them inside, because once the girls go out, spiders wont stand a chance!!! HA HA!!!

John Theberge said...

Hey Eve,
Good guess on yesterdays photos, you were right. I liked your shots today. I noticed a lot of us Mainers are posting spring and summer photos, I guess we're all sick of this never ending winter.

Eve said...

Hi John,
Thanks! We used to call our relatives “Maniacs”….haha was that just a kid thing??? I think Mainers is probably better!!
I'll be coming up to visit this summer!! I'm bringing my camera!