Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rain on the Mountain

Yesterday the rains came and the daffodils bowed their head in thanks.

The Lilac is just bursting to get out.

They are all just waiting for the sun to come back out to raise their heads to the sky.

The Redbuds can barley stand waiting.

Even the Clematis are making their move.

And color is on the verge of busting out! the woods deals with the rain.


Salix said...

Wow, Eve
Here the rain is coming down steady too, helping in getting rid of the snow.

Rebecca said...

Beautiful photos, as always! I absolutely love the wooden arbor/trellis in the 5th photo, did you make that? I want to add something like that to my garden and I might borrow this idea :)

Roy said...

Its all starting to look good Evie.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Ahhhhh Evie, just beautiful! I have yard envy. I sure like that arbor you constructed. Hope the nasty storms are staying away from your side of the mountain. I can invision a vase full of daffodils sitting on your kitchen table amongst all your fowl decor. Thinking of you.

A New England Life said...

Definitely a preview of what's to come in New England ... in about a month. LOL!

I love the way the Daffs bow in the rain. They're so beautiful. Rain makes everything glisten.

Missouri Gal said...

Great photos! Are you looking for morel mushrooms? They should be popping down there.

Eve said...

Hi Lene! Hope that snow melts away soon!

Thanks Rebecca! I sent you an email about the arbor. Yes we made it! I love it!

Yes it is Roy! ;-)

Hi Julie! No big storms just lots of rain. Thinking of you too. Hope all is well.

Hi Sharon. Hope you get sping real soon!

Missouri Gal! I have not seen any morsel mushrooms!! I guess I'd better get looking. One of my magazines has an article on them, but I've never tried them before. Guess I'd better pay more attention! Thanks!

bluekat said...

ahhhh, I thought they looked sad! Thankful is better. :)
The daffodils are bursting out yellow here too. The weatherman said we are having daffodil weather this week. Apparently daffys like rain.

I'm loving the trellis and clematis. Gonna be gorgeous in full bloom!

Take care and enjoy this wonderful springtime!

Kerry Hawkins said...

These shots are wonderful. I hope for spring here soon

Rural Rambler said...

Love the arbor shot! CH just ordered Wisteria for his arbor inspired by your Hubby's beautifully built one. The rain kissed Redbud shot is pretty Evis, very pretty!

...but hey, that's just me! said...

SIMPLY AMAZING! Wish I could be there to enjoy!