Friday, March 11, 2011

Water in the Woods

As I was walking through my yard Wednesday I could hear water running through the woods, so pack up my little Canon and took a stroll. I found many trees on the ground, some have been there for a long time as this one below, and some were downed durning the storm that swept through.

Once I get in the woods it's hard for me to tell which trees have just fallen, but there are telltale signs.

I do remember seeing these down like this so nothing new here.

However this one is fresh. An old dead tree that just couldn't stand the winds.

At the base I found all this beautiful color and a Resurrection Fern.

My house is on a high spot on the mountain so all this water runs by and down across the road toward the neighbors. There is a beautiful running stream that winds it's way around a bluff in the woods and off toward the river below.

I just love the Forsythia blooming in front of these old silos.

Heading back up the driveway I noticed something very wrong. This old tree, which I'd named the Hobbit house, was no longer standing. I realize how lucky we were because had it fallen the opposite direction it would have taken down our power line.

But for now all is well at Sunny Side Up.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by the earthquake and tsunami in the Pacific.


bluekat said...

The Forsythia is gorgeous.

I'm glad all is well at Sunny Side Up. Sad to lose a tree called hobbit house. I'm sure it must have been one of those magical trees that are a treat to find.

Thoughts and prayers to those in Japan dealing with this tsunami. Just devastating.

Our beaches are under a tsunami warning. Probably no damage will occur, but the waves are surging in and out. A father and his two daughters just took a stroll across the beach in front of the news camera. Geez Dude, get your girls off the beach! Mostly the beaches are empty, but a few people show up from time to time.

Eve said...

Thanks for stoppin Kari. I'm thinking of all my blog buds on the west coast. I don't understand when people don't take heed of Mother Nature...and endangering someone else is well just wrong. Hope all those waves are just a show and not damaging.

Roy said...

That was an interesting walk you took us on there Evie. Hope we get some repeats of that through the summer.

Yes, with you on that Evie, Earthquakes are terrible things. I experienced a 3.2 M one once and although that is nothing compared to 8.4 it makes you realise how powerful nature can be and that you can do nothing about it.

Majid Ali said...

Lovely pictures of Mother Nature. I am glad that I stopped by your blog. I am going to bookmark it.

And My thoughts and prayers are with the People of Japan who have been hit by the tsunami disaster. We are also recovering from the floods that hit us last year. It was the worst flood in the history of Pakistan

Rural Rambler said...

Good Morning Evis! The Forsythia is beautiful. CH and I think we remember those silos. Sorry about the Hobbit House tree. It is sad to lose a tree. One of our old Oaks in the front of the house is not doing well and we would hate to lose it. Seems like little for me to worry about compared to the tragedy going on. Yes prayers for all those affected by the earthquake and tsunami. CH is glued to the TV.

It is looking very April-like there on your Mountain Top Evis, rather than March-like!

debsgarden said...

We have had some heavy rains! The woods are always so interesting, with the cycle of life ongoing around us. It's amazing to see all the living that goes on inside a dead tree. I LOVE your photo of the forsythia and silos! I am so glad that spring is here, despite the sometimes tempestuous weather. I'm glad your home and power lines are safe!