Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Story of My Harley Header

 Last year I somehow ran into a blog by a fellow, well I would say bloke but I'm not sure if that is proper for me to say, so I'll say fellow, from the London, England area, Gary, who was planning a trip on his beautiful Harley Davidson Road King, "The Leading Ladies". Not just any road trip, but one that traversed the United States from the most northern tip of Maine, to the most southern tip of California! I mean, how COOL is that!!
I found his blog before he started so was able to follow the journey and I even suggested he swing my old stomping grounds in the Thousand Islands area of NY which he did.
I was so touched when he took the time to stop at the end of my old road in Chaumont, NY and take pictures just for me!
Thanks Gary, that was just really nice of you.
Here are the photos he sent.

I was totally amazed by the adventures and stories that Gary photographed and wrote about, OH and the videos!!! Wow, it was as if you were right there on the bike and believe me when I say there were times my heart was pounding because well, I'm kind of afraid of heights and don't know if I could have made it on some of the beautiful, but scary, roads he managed to find.
After, what was it, 5 months and 21,000 miles the journey was over and me and his dedicated followers wished him well, said we were sad it was over, but lucky for us, Gary has plans for more exciting treks in the future.
So here I am at my header...a challenge to me from Gary. I was to get my motorcycle on a header before the end of March. Whew, I really am cutting it close, don't you think!
I've ridden a few times so far this year, but never managed to get a picture. I even planned on having more than just one but as I stopped for a second shoot, a fellow, who just bought a HD Forty Eight had to stop and talk to me about the bikes for about a half hour! hahaha, ask Gary he knows all about stopping and talking to people on their Harleys!
So here's my one photo...
...dedicated to Gary France. Thanks for bringing us along on your ride of a lifetime!
Please click on Gary's name or the title of my blog to go to Gary's blog and enjoy the adventure for yourself!


George F said...

Love your new header and your bike. I was lucky to follow Gary and then meet him for dinner during his stop in NY before flying back to the UK. We had a lovely dinner and chatted for quite a while about bike travels and adventures. I posted about that day, you can read it here first
and then the next day I posted this:

Donna aka Froggi said...

We were fortunate to meet up with Gary in Sturgis...what a great guy! We talked for hours, like we'd always known each other. Then we took photos and each headed off to enjoy the area.

Love the new pic! We need to get some new scenic ones ourselves.

bobskoot said...


You had time to spare. I also discovered Gary before his trip and was hoping that he would have come closer to Canada .

If I had noticed you on the side of the road I would have chatted with you too

Riding the Wet Coast

bluekat said...

Totally love the header Eve. Good one!
Hard to believe your afraid of heights though, after some of the scenery your posted, and the fun ones with the girls jumping over the edge. :)

I also followed most of Gary's blog. I think I stumbled across it after he'd already started. What an awesome journey.

Rural Rambler said...

Hey Harley Eviedson the header with your Iron is a very nice dedication to Mr. France! Suds just dripped a little drool on my keyboard and both his ears flew straight up at the sight of your bike!

Eve said...

Hi George! Yes I remember you meeting Gary! It was so amazing to see him get to meet so many people that he'd just gotten to know from his blog!

Hi Donna! Another one of Gary's fun encounters!! If I hadn't moved to Alabama I would have had a ride with Gary for sure! DANG!!!

Hi Bob! It's always fun to have someone stop and chat. We motorcyclists are all brothers (and sisters!)

Hey Kari! Oh that picture of them jumping was a little bit of a trick. There was a nice flat spot well before it went over the edge! But I did take some pictures of them on another place that I had them go in and off quickly before I had a spell! They were laughing at me cause they were still no where near the edge. I know we really all did love Gary's adventure!

Hi RR and Suds!!! Anytime he wants to come back and sit on the ol Hog, Suds and family are welcome!!!

Linda said...

Love the new photo and header, Eve. Can't wait to hi the open road!

Gary France said...

I see you rose to the challenge! That is a great header picture, one that finally includes your bike!

Thank you for your very kind words. Writing the blog about the tour of the USA was only second in the fun it gave to me than actually riding across America. Eve, you were very kind in reading and commenting on my blog a great deal. I think I had more comments from you than anyone else.

I will continue to write about my motorcycling adventures and take my readers along with me for the ride. This year I have three long rides – to St Tropez in the South of France, to Croatia on the east side of Europe and to Spain. Next year I am planning a return visit to ride in the USA with a friend of mine, Ian Solley.

I hope you get to go on some terrific rides yourself this year and that you keep taking beautiful photographs.

Best wishes. Gary

Kerry Hawkins said...

what a cool adventure, I will have to check it out

Eve said...

Oh thanks Gary! But again thank you for showing me parts of the US I may never see! What fun it was. Your upcoming trips will be a joy to follow, but, COMING BACK TO THE STATES!!!!!!!!!!!! OH I hope so! I can't wait to hear where you will be visiting this time! Maybe southeast tip to Northeast??? Bobskoot will be as excited as me! not to mention a few others. But, if you choose to go the same route I know Ian will be in for a treat!!

Ride safe my friend!!

bobskoot said...


WOW, I read it here first. Riding across the USA on a H-D: Part II

This time I hope he gets his importation documentation in writing when he lands in North America.

PS: it's nice to have some bike photos instead of flowers, once in a while

Riding the Wet Coast

Eve said...

Thanks Kerry and yes! Make sure you watch some of the videos!!

Bob! Ok Ok I'll try to have more on the bike every now and then to toughen up the fluffy flowers!! hahaha!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Cool header Eve...that is one good looking piece of metal....oh, the heads you go girl!

Chris Luhman said...

Nice photo Eve! Could you please send some green up this way. I'm kind of sick of brown and white :)

Awesome that Gary is coming back. Will he do the southern loop this time??

Roy said...

Great photo, great header and 'Bloke" is very English and very appropriate Evie.

Rebecca said...

Great photo header! I admire your nerve, I get a thrill just going down a hill on my bicycle. I would probably drive that bike screaming with my eyes closed.. (Better stick to pedaling a bicycle!) Thanks for telling me about the blog: Dog Trot Farm--love it!

debsgarden said...

Your Harley header is fabulous! My favorite photo of my dad is one of him sitting on a Harley, age 18, 1938, ready to conquer the world. Thanks for the link to Gary's blog. I'm sure to enjoy it. I love vicarious adventure if I can't experience the real thing. Sorry, you will never find me on a motorcycle!

Casa Mariposa said...

I haven't ridden a motorcycle since I was a kid but used to live in SD and loved hearing the bikes on their way to Sturgis. I also used to live in Watertown, NY. Great post and thanks for stopping by my blog! :o)