Thursday, March 31, 2011

Part II: Patricia's Gardens: A walk in the woods

  Tuesday afternoon Morgan and I headed to Patricia's for a little walk in the woods. This is the time in northern Alabama to get into the woods if you're worried about little things like big snakes, that will soon enjoy the wamth of a woodland slither. 
As you can see, sometimes the road has it's challenges.

 And you never know who has decided to take up residence along the way.

 Pat showed us very old, very large trees that had carvings made by relatives from long ago. We wished we could go back in time and see all the past events of her woods!

 The outcroppings of boulders grew out of the woods like mini cities and were turned up and twisted in awe inspiring ways. They had trees growing out of them and these beautiful Resurrection Ferns.

 Morgan is really enjoying the beauty of God's handiwork as she explores nature at it's finest.

 I have to report that my camera battery had died in the woods and I didn't get all the sweet wildflowers that were growing. Luckily I did have a battery in the car so when we got back to the gardens I was ready to go.

The Iris are just beginning to open.

Whimsy is just the thing in every garden!

I still can't get over the vibrant color of Azaleas.

And then came Maddie! She is a pro at playing soccer with a basketball!

She and Morgan had a blast...

 ...and they wore each other out!
What a great time we all had!
Thanks Pat, we're looking forward to spending more time getting to know you and sharing our love of the garden!


Cheryl said...

Maddie and Morgan you have just made my day. I am smiling from ear to ear...tku.

The gardens are beautiful.....they remind me of japanese gardens.....there is a quietness about them. All seems still...

Oh the trees, beautiful trees and the carvings.....if only we could just step back in time for just a moment.

farmlady said...

What a lovely place to walk. Everyone should have a special place like this and someone to walk with.
Maddie and Morgan are so cute.
Hope the snakes stay in the ground for a little while longer.

Rusty said...

What a beautiful and facinating place. ATB!

Kerry Hawkins said...

I love your adventures

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

How beautiful, Eve. What a magical, mystical place and how lovely of Pat to welcome you both with open arms! I'm fascinated by the tree carving. If only that tree could talk, eh? Thank you so much for sharing your amazing walk with us!

Rural Rambler said...

Beautiful walk! All those lovely pinks and the fat tummied frogs are too cute. Morgan has a walking stick! I have one too, it's 11 years old! I just can't get over how far along everything is in Alabama. Whoa. Patricia's Gardens are a delight.

Roy said...

Those Azaleas are so beautiful Evie.

Eve said...

Glad you all enjoyed the walk in the woods and a little soccer too! We've been a bit cool and rainy of late but hope to get some warm sun to get a move on the growing season soon!

debsgarden said...

What a beautiful garden, and what a fabulous time of the year! Thanks for sharing it with us. I almost cried over Maddie. I still think of Jasmine, our beloved lab who passed away three years ago. She loved to play soccer just like Maddie!