Sunday, January 24, 2010

Something Different

It's getting to be that time of year when thoughts of warm summer days and curvy roads float aimlessly about my head. While living up north I always knew it would only be a matter of time before my best bud Deb and I would steal away, with our without our husbands, and ride to distant lands for lunch and adventure. If you remember I wrote about Debby before in
I've found a few new motorcycle blogs lately and the two I look forward to visiting are Mike at "Been Riding and Thinking" and Kari at "Bluekat's Journeys"
I thought I'd post a series of photos from my past as I think about my best friend in the world, Debby, and remember our wonderful years together on our bikes.
This is one of the newer photos of my 2004 Katana after my husband and I lowered it and gave her a new sleeker rear end. (Just what I need!!)Deb and I both had 250cc motorcycles before we got our big bikes. This is her beautiful Sportster 883 Low, which has since been beefed up to a 1200 with a conversion kit her husband surprised her with for Christmas a few years ago.
Deb getting ready to take her bike home.I never brought my Canon DSLR with me on the bike but when I got my G9 I would bring it, when I didn't get too excited and forgot it!
Our trip to Salmon River Falls NY 2008.Alexandria Bay NY 2007.Deb and I went on a few Poker Runs without our husbands but really enjoyed it when they when with us.See! It's a girls bike!!My husbands Sportster and my Katana.The next 4 photos were taken by Glenn Wagner, a good friend of mine, who was photographing during the Fat Boys Toys for Tots Ride we participated in, 2006.
It's not often you get to see yourself riding!! I've got my serious riding face on!Debby you look SO COOL!!!Looks like I'm leading the pack here! How'd that happen!!Best buds posing for the photographer!Thanks Glenn!!
And lastly this is a self-portrait I made back in 2005.I think I look pretty "BAD" don't you think!!
I miss you Deb!
Hope it won't be long before we can take a riding holiday together!


Kerry Hawkins said...

You look really bad Ass, I love it
The lens I bought was a AF-S Nikkor 35mm 1:1.8g
I still have to practice with it and see what I can do

Rachel said...

ehem why didnt you post a pic of MY awesome bike with MY best friend Christine! Like mother like daughter!

Mike said...

Nice looking ride you have! I can see why Bluekat's post has turned your thoughts to riding more often and in good weather. I hope you and Deb get a riding holiday soon. Thank you for the mention - I'm honored! BTW, you do look "BAD" in that last shot! ;)

Eve said...

Thanks Kerry! I take that as a huge compliment!

Rachel....when you start your own blog I'll be able to keep up with you and Christine and Kevin!

Thanks Mike! You are an inspiration to ride even when the weather is not perfect!
I'll have to tell the story about the time my husband and I went on a Veteran's Ride. It rained so hard that morning only a few "guys" showed up! When they heard a "girl on a crotch rocket" showed up,and they whoosed out they had to hang their head in shame!!!

Mary said...

Very cool, Eve! You do look "BAD"! Hope you get the right weather soon to get out there and enjoy. I like the flowers on the bike :-)

farmlady said...

You look GOOD on that bike.
I always wanted to ride but now at 65 I think I'm too old to start.
I still want an old, vintage trailer though. That's more my style now.

Hope you and your friend have an awesome trip together.

Anonymous said...

A pair of really cool chicks. {:)

PS: The word verification was MITYPE which says it all really.

Eve said...

Thanks Mary! We're back to a little bit cooler weather but it shouldn't be long.

farmlady! I love the vintage trailer dream. I would love a tiny camper to put in my yard as a little "home away from home" for my daughter to enjoy!

Why thank you Roy! ;-)

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Wow! I'm so impressed...and a little intimidated by that Bad Ass photo, missy! LOL! This is a GREAT post! I know how much you miss your buddy, Deb, and riding together and I can certainly see why. I hope you can realize that dream soon, dear!

bobskoot said...


Memories are made from dreams, it's what we live for . . .

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Deb said...

Thanks girlfriend! Now my blood is boiling to ride but got at least 3 months till that happens. Remember the time we raced + you left me in the dust? I believe that was BEFORE I got my conversion kit!! For some reason after that you would never pull up beside me.
Wish we could jump on right now + go for coffee-mine black-yours half cup coffee/half cup french vanilla creamer.---BKRCHC

The Early Birder said...

Cool bikes and very Coooool bikers.

Eve said...

HEY Deb!! Miss you too bud! I was going to mention that time we raced!!! Makes me smile every time I think about it....hummmm....maybe it was before the conversion...we should try that again someday!
Not bad for a couple of mid 40 year old girls! hahahaha

Eve said...

Thanks Frank! We both appreciate it!

Jenny said...

That is one beautiful riding machine Evie! You've some great memories going on there. I hope Debs can get down your way soon, so that you can burn up some of those 'bama roads together! Bad? Yep, definitely going on that photo! (-:

Stephen Baird said...

the bikes look cool ... so what's the biggest ticket you ever got on that thing ... or didn't the cop catch up? all you crazy biker chicks are the same ... i'm betting you drive faster than guys just to make us out to be sissies.
nikonsniper steve

Eve said...

Thanks Jenny Wren! I sure would love it if she could get that Hog down here for a little bama burning!!

Thank you for all your nice comments Stephen!
Ok ok this is only for you...all my other buddies stop reading!!!...The first day Deb her husband and I went for a ride after she got her Harley, she was still breaking in the engine and we couldn't go over 55 mph. After I left them and was headed home I got pulled over doing 78 in a 55. I asked the officer if SHE could give me a warning. SHE returned with a ticket and said "First I want to say that I think it's REALLY COOL that you're riding this bike....but no warning, here's your ticket." I thanked her and thought it was cool that SHE thought I was cool! Lesson learned! Normally I don't go too crazy on the bike...I have a healthy fear!

bluekat said...

Wow, thanks! You like my blog--I'm touched! :)
Thanks for sharing the pics of your friend Deb and yourself and some of your wonderful adventures. Great series of photos, I love the flowers in the fairing. And yes, you "BAD"! Most definitely. I hope you guys get another adventure in again soon!


Rural Rambler said...

Hey Eve what a great post! It certainly is "something different"! The bikes are very cool and how wonderful to share your love for bikes and the open roads with a long time gal pal! Hope you both see each other soon and ride some beautiful roads, and don't forget a wonderful lunch somewhere!!! And yeah, you look "BAD"! Bad in them boots :)

Leeloo said...

I love those bikes, they're so nice! I'd love to become a biker chick someday, but I'm a little scared of them (a friend of mine had a terrible accident while being on his bike) but maybe someday I'll get over that and try it out.
Thanks for the awesome post :)

Dog Trot Farm said...

You are one BAD ASS HOT LOOKING MAMA! Why did I get all the prim and proper genes? Love those shoulders of your's!

Eve said...

Thanks for stoppin by Bob! They surely are!

Hi Keri...I would love to see pictures of a NINJA soon!!

Thanks RR Glad I didn't scare you!!!

Glad you liked it L's mum! You just have to have a healthy fear and watch out for the other guy. It really is a thrill!

Hey Cuz!!! Well, if you didn't get the prim and proper genes, you wouldn't have that great talent for HOOKING!!
hahahahahaha!!! Now that was funny!!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

ohmygosh...I *love* husbands who surprise their wives with beefy conversion kits for Christmas! These are INCREDIBLE pictures, Eve...I smiled the entire time I was reading this!! My favorites? Why, of course the ones with you in them...maybe someday you'll teach me how to ride? I would love this.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

oh, and by the way? French Vanilla creamer = my very favorite.

Eve said...

Danni! :-) I bet a nice 2010 Harley Davidson Forty-Eight would look very handsome sitting in the barn next to Chester and Beau!!! When you get it, Julie and I will fly out and I'll teach both of you to ride!! I'll bring Deb too!
PS I'm drinking my 1/2 cup of French Vanilla creamer as I type!

Denise said...

I'm impressed! Would love to see myself on a bike but sadly at this stage of the game, not likely :( Too many clicking bones ;)

Eve said...

Thank Denise! That's ok I've got tons of clicking bones, can't let it stop me now!!

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Wow! That looks like a lot of fun. But I think that I better stick to just one expensive hobby! :)

HANNIBAL said...

I love the angle of that last frame! You are such a BADASS!