Thursday, January 21, 2010

Birding with Debi

Well yes, if you go to Debi's blog you will find that I got a little stir crazy and sent her an email titled "Need to get Out" knowing that she would be up for the adventure and rescue me from my home boundedness!
We planned to go to Guntersville Alabama State Park to spy eagles but we made a few detours that were just meant to be!
The first stop was just off the main road leading to Guntersville.There is a nice view of the Tennessee River and a nice place to capture images and possibly... ...a Heron.There we plenty of coots but this strange water pattern caught our eye. This was not made by the wake of a boat.Of course when you're looking for things that fly you look down......and sometimes find things that were left by things that fly!There were things that were not flying, but floating......and oh!!! Not all things that fly leave the ground!!
(want to race????)Ahhh there is something that flies!After getting our fill of this outdoor space Debi and I decided to do a little indoor birding at the local shops in Guntersville.
First, Fants, where birds were in abundance! See Debi's blog for more of the many birds nesting here.
Who could resist the big feet of these feathered friends?
Not me!!!We wandered, on the beautiful warm winter day, across the road to an antique shop that was also full of wonderful flying friends.
Purple Martin?And I had to post this Rubbing from England for my British blogging friends.
Debi knew exactly what this was, because she's been to England. I had no idea!The colors were fabulous!These beautiful Sandpipers were so sweet.We also went to Kala's Cottage that has some really beautiful treasures.We certainly lost track of time and before we knew it, it was time to get a move on! Thank you Debi for making my day such an enjoyable one!
I'm such a big fan of yours.
Please do yourself a favor and visit Debi's website at:


Jenny said...

Hi Evie, I just love, love, LOVE that new header!!! I swear that birdie in the middle is a Bullfinch (look in your Brit bird book)!(-:
Fabulous reflections of tree trunks and the portrait Heron on the bridge to nowhere is fabulous! Glad you got out with Debs and had such a great time!

Eve said...

I knew you would love it Jenny! I just named the middle one Bully just for you!
Thanks! One day you will be here with us on an adventure!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Love-Love-Love the new header. I hope you purchased the birds with the large feet, they would look adorable in that new home of your's! Speaking of girls with large feet I had better round mine up.

Eve said...

Thanks Julie!! And yes those kids on the header were photographed right here on my hoosier! You didn't recgonize my "girls" behind them!!!
Get those girls in!!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Ha, ha! I LOVE that new header, Eve! REckon I should photograph my new birdies, eh? Such a great post highlighting a great day! Thanks for the plug as well, kiddo. We'll do it again soon, but this time we'll find the eagles yes? Yes!

Eve said...

Yes!!! Debi, those Eagles are ours!!!
Oh and yes, your birdies are too cute not to post! Even my mom thinks so!!! hahahaha!

Rural Rambler said...

Hey Sunny Side Up Eve! You and Tree are having so much fun that it is fun to read about you having so much fun! What a sweet great time you both had together and the pictures are a joy that you have shared!! And yes the new header is very cool! And I think at Debi's blog I read you had a little wine time! Hope it was some Bama sweet :)

Mike Simmons said...

Eve - nice images (I really like the one below the one with the bike) and write-up about your day out. Thanks for your help on the bird ID this morning!
Take care!

Kerry Hawkins said...

Looks like a lovely day, nature and some shopping, nice

Shelley said...

Looks like such a fun outing!! And I love that shop you were in! I would've snatched up so many items! Including those sandpipers!

Mary said...

I love the header and can see where it came from after reading the post :-) What great places to wander around. I love shops like that. The bird shots along the shore are beautiful, too. I like the shell shot. I can see your weather is a bit like ours right now. I could use a bit more sunshine! Of course, you always make your own...a good trait :-)

HANNIBAL said...

I adored that sandpiper! You take such amazing indoor photography! The trip looked great!

Daniel Spurgeon said...

I'm jealous. I need to get out of the house and take photos as well. I feel like I've been cooped up all winter. :) I guess I'll have to live vicariously through you and Debi for the time being. :) It looks like ya'll had a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Evie, some more of your professionally created and taken scene shots. Lovely.
Um. I think that two wheeled job may out run the Subi. {:)

Denise said...

Hi Eve, what a lovely outing you had, so many beautiful visuals for us to look at here. Enjoyed it immensely.