Thursday, April 19, 2012

Staying Home

 Since Rachel's visit, I've found that traveling is a little too expensive these days so when you live somewhere you love, why not just stay home!
Unlike my little baby Bluebirds that flew the coop shortly after this photo was taken! He's giving me the eye!!
 This mom can stay close to home, so I guess I can too!
 The Summer Tanagers have arrived and the woods are full of
Robin-like songs of tweetle-dees and tweetle-dums.
 The papa Cardinal is ever chirping a warning call.
 Last year I planted wildflower seeds over my septic tank since it's difficult to mow there. This year new flowers are coming up that weren't there last year! It's such a wonderful surprise!
 I also planted this Rue and a Fennel for butterflies to munch or lay their eggs on, hopefully!

 I want a pond in my yard. Since I'm not financially ready for that I put a galvanized pail here last year and tried to grow pond plants.
I mostly grew algae, but the water was clear and this year I added a few "feeder" goldfish. I don't have any real good pictures of them yet, but I think they like their home in the bucket over the store!

 My beautiful Bottle Tree is growing. I've got some clear bottles that will be replaced eventually but for now, the pink bottle from Deb in Helena is taking the top spot.
Thank you Bette, for my beautiful Tree! It is a wonderful focal point in my yard!
Here's hoping that if you are having to stay close to home, you're world is full of beauty and nature!


Trobairitz said...

As always, beautiful stunning photographs.

I am amazed at how far advanced and blooming your flowers are. Our guara is just a little stub starting to pop out of the ground and you have such pretty pink flowers.

That cardinal is so vivid. Thank you for sharing, we don't see those in our parts the country.

debsgarden said...

Hi, Eve! Your bottle tree is looking so pretty! You have a great variety of bottles to glow in the light. I love all your wildflower photos!

By the way, I am waiting for my baby bluebirds to grow up and leave the nest. Parents are working very hard. They built their nest in the decorative birdhouse in the middle of the herb bed, which means I can't get in there to weed until they are finished! That area is so overgrown now, but the birds don't mind at all. ( And they have given me a good excuse to be a little lazy!)

Roy said...

Lots of very beautiful flowers Evie and red and blue birds to match.{:)
Travelling, I know what you mean, $10 a gallon here.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Why would you even want to leave that little piece of heaven on earth! Beautiful flowers Evie, Finally, I have daffodils blooming! Love the bottle tree, your collecttion of bottles is growing! Hugs from Maine, Julie.

Karin / Southern Meadows said...

I do love to travel but there is no place like home! Recently I have been longing for days at home to just relax and enjoy the garden. Things change so quickly at this time of year if you are gone too long you miss so much. Your blooms are beautiful. I have bluebirds nesting for the first time!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Eve! Looking very pretty there! We have some noisy baby Bluebirds in their 14th day of birdie life. I think they will be making the jump any time now!

Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, your flowers are beautiful!!! My bluebirds have little ones now. How about yours?

kerry hawkins art and photo said...

I love your photos from your stay-cation. just beautiful

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!

BilboWaggins said...

Stunning photos, but I expect no less from you :}

Know what you mean about not wanting to leave home, I feel exactly the same way.