Friday, February 3, 2012

Thou Shall NOT Occupy!

 It has just been the most mild of winters in Northern Alabama!
The kind of winter that feels right for the south. We had a little snow and cold early on, but hopefully winter will close with ease and we can move on to bigger and better things.
 Ok, maybe I'm living in a dream world, but without dreams where would we be?
I'm looking forward to dividing Morgan's boots and finding new homes for the crowd growing there. Because as we all know it's not nice to Occupy too much space.
 It's much nicer to have room to breath.
 To guide with love and strength.
 This ideal brings out the best in all of us.
 For those who like to Occupy...
 Thinking you can cause trouble and put others out, then sneak away unnoticed... the wrong kind of thinking my friend!
We know who you are!
You are hereby notified!!!

P.S. I love it that the sweet little Flying Squirrels have decided to take up residence over the winter in my beloved Bluebird nest, however...
they just got their two week notice! This house belongs to my kids!


Karin / Southern Meadows said...

Eve, I sympathize. We have a flying squirrel that takes residence in one of our birdhouses every winter. We discovered it several years ago while we were attempting to clean out the birdhouse. What a surprise! Your captures of the little guy are great! By the way, I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger award. You can see my latest post to grab your badge! Have a super weekend!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Eve, congratulations on your award. Your photographs are simply amazing, I can't believe you have daffidols blooming, kale too? Is it spring in Alabama? Poor little occupier, don't be too harsh, we all need a home.

Kerry Hawkins said...

Love these shots. The squirrel shots are so fun and cute

Trobairitz said...

What a wonderful post.

Your pictures are always so beautiful.

Toni said...

That is the sweetest little nose and claw/paw!!!! It would be tough to evict that little guy, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I think Morgan's boots are the ones I used in my container program -- you had another picture of them last year -- too cute :-) Your daffs are much further along than mine. Most of mine are just now popping out of the ground. Hoping for a good show this year.

farmlady said...

Everbody's gotta have a home. Maybe he/she will vacate before your beloved Bluebirds arrive.
So cute. Did you ask her if she is making a statement? Does she have a "cause"?
Great photos...

Cheryl said...

Hi Eve,

As always your photographs are totally captivating.
Squirrel is so sweet.....perhaps another box for the bluebirds ??
Yes, I know I am too soft.

I think we may be having your winter:(

Eve said...

Thank you Karin! You are very sweet to include me in your award!

Hi Julie! Well the Kale was beautiful until a vole came along and enjoyed the root and stem for lunch...or was that dinner? Well, now the kale has been stuffed into a pot to slowly meet it's end. Arrrggg!

Thanks Kerry! Glad you enjoyed the post!

Thanks Trobz!!!

Hi Toni! Yes those are the boots from last year and I'm really looking forward to spreading out the extra plants.

Well, farmlady, luckily the FS have a good cause, to keep warm together over the winter. There are a few more nest boxes that are available for them and a forest full of trees! I understand they move out of these "communes", if you will, after the winter is over, and so I'm sure it wont be long before they move on! Thanks!

Hi Cheryl! Well, perhaps I will get a new box. Dang blasted soft hearts we have!! hahahaha! Thank you for your nice comments!

Roy said...

Love the Daff shots Evie.

debsgarden said...

Those last three pictures are the cutest ever! How did you happen to catch them? We seem to be well into spring here. I'm holding my breath that we won't get hit with a killing freeze. The magnolia tree 'Jane' is about to bloom, and redbuds and dogwoods are also on the verge, more than a month ahead of time!

Casa Mariposa said...

You have flying squirrels?? That is the coolest thing ever!! I'd put up a new house for the bluebirds and let them stay! :o)

Tiny Puppetmaster said...

I just found your blog and I love it. Beautiful photos.