Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Scenes from the Yard

 After a brief return to winter weather things are getting back to the mild, spring is in the air, atmosphere here on the mountain.
The local Nuthatches are enjoying the homemade suet that I've kept going in the feeder.
 The price of Black Oil Sunflower seed has kept this fellow lonely this year.
 This bunch is a lot cheaper to take care of over the winter months!
 They are taking the place of the old birdbath. It finally let go so I'm thinking it'll make a great plant holder this year.
 You really can't have too much moss....can you?
 The Daffy's heads are hanging. That frost was just a bit much for the ones that were in bloom.
 However, the rescued flowers are standing tall with the chickens in the kitchen window!
 Nothing gets the Lenten Rose down! This bunch was laying on the sidewalk yesterday morning.
 And the rest of the spring growth just keeps pluggin along!

 Some of us just enjoy watching it all happen before our very eyes!
ummmm Ole, you got a loose hair there bud!


Trobairitz said...

Great pictures. It is nice to see Spring making it's way.

Our nuthatches and chickadees have been gorging on back oil sunflower seeds all winter. Luckily we can get a 40 lb bag for $25. It lasts them for a few months anyway.

Cute poochie. So fluffy it makes me was to stroke his fur.

Roy said...

I'm glad you rescued some daffs Evie.

The Sweetest Days said...

It definitely looks like Spring at your house, Eve! We've still got another month or so before things look that good here.

Even my parents are complaining about the price of seed! I have to admit it is rather high. This past Fall I moved the feeder up to where the squirrels couldn't get to it anymore. The seed seems to be lasting much longer. Oh, we have a bunch of Bluebirds! Yesterday I counted 5 females and 2 males! They are loving the Zick Dough.

Enjoy your Spring!


Rebecca said...

Great spring photos :) I seem to have better luck attracting birds to my homemade suet than the purchased suet cakes (plus it's a lot cheaper)!

Foxglove Lane said...

Hi Eve, Have been to all of your blogs today. Love especially your animal photographs, what a great bunch of sitters! Big greetings from Ireland, your comments really made me smile today and then your blogs made me smile even more:~)

Dog Trot Farm said...

How lucky are you to see Daffodils, Spring has come to you on the mountain. Ole, you handsome boy what has your mother been feeding you? Redneck treats?

farmlady said...

Spring is long and wonderful this year. Oh, the Dafodils are just beautiful and your photos are lovely.
That dog is so sweet... stray hair or not. He's a handsome dude.

debsgarden said...

Today I feel a bit like Ole. It is gray with rain all day, but actually that is good because yesterday I planted some woodland flowers and the rain will settle them in. It is exciting to see all the early spring flowers. I can imagine your mountaintop will be alive with spring colors and fresh green growth in just a few weeks!