Sunday, February 26, 2012

Of Birds and Bottles

 Well, lately, up here on the mountain, it seems to be all about birds.
Mostly Bluebirds. I found a couple tiny salt and pepper shakers that fit right into the theme.
 See, there he is! Mr. BB checking out the new box!
And just in case I don't have enough Bluebirds or nest boxes, I thought I'd add another apartment for anyone who is interested.
 And then there is the thing about Bottles!
My Step-mom, Bette, sent me the most wonderful early birthday present!! A BOTTLE TREE!! Oh I've been wanting one for a very long time! She was SO shocked that it didn't come with the bottles but I told her not to worry! Finding the bottles was half the fun!
 Darn if I wasn't fresh out of bottles. EXCEPT for a bottle of a very old wine. It's a funny thing about that bottle. My best bud, Deb, from NY, gave me a bunch of old bottles of wine years ago. We didn't know if the wine was any good and it turned out that they were not. I dumped all the bottles and sent them to the recycle bin long ago...well, all but one bottle. Somehow it made it's way south, here to Alabama where bottles have a place. A very important place.
On a bottle tree. Now I have a piece of my good friend Debby right here on the mountain with me!

Now just because the barrow is turned over does not mean I drank that bottle of wine!
 The Camellias are putting on the best show they ever have.
 Two new houses sharing the yard.
 Oh! And something I've discovered.
If you are able to get Picasa through your TV, it sure is nice to see your blog photos shuffle randomly across your home screen!
Popcorn anyone!


farmlady said...

I think that if you play your cards right you could have that tree filled in no time. Good wine isn't that expensive.
Now... about that overturned wheelbarrow. Was that distracted driving? Were you texting or emptying another bottle?
Please don't wheelbarrow and drink.
It's dangerous.
Picasa on TV? How does one do that?

Kerry Hawkins said...

Love these shots. I can't wait to see the bottle tree with more bottles. I am so jealous of your pink flower shot

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an info packed post Evis! And a Happy Early Birthday :) Love the BB house and salt and peppa shakers. I think I need to send or either bring you an empty MissouREE wine bottle for that tree. Course if we bring it, it's going to be FULL!! For a few minutes anyway :)

Cheryl said...

Hi Eve,

The shakers are lovely....a good find.

I have seen a bottle tree on Gail@clayandlimestone. She has decorated hers with blue bottles and I must say it makes a statement. Look forward to seeing yours as it grows.
The wheelbarrow comment made me smile, don't worry Eve we believe you :0)

Please Eve if you cannot source the seeds I have plenty in my seed box and am perfectly willing to send you some. Just pop over and let me know :)

Trobairitz said...

Your pictures look so good on the computer I can only imagine how stunning they'd be on a 40" screen.

I wish we had bluebirds around here. They looks so pretty.

Eve said...

Farmlady...advice noted!! hahaha! I'm looking forward to acquiring bottles. Have a feeling the tree will be full soon and I'll have to start another tree. I have a lot of wine drinking friends!
About Picasa. The TV has to be hooked up to the internet via a device like Roku or possibly a Blue Ray or video game system. Some of these systems have a way to link to Picasa (I have a Roku set to do that). You just have to sign up and then go from there. It's fun!

Thanks Kerry! I'm jealous of ALL your shots! ;-)

Pix! I'll save a spot on the tree for when you bring a bottle!! hahaha!!!

Thank you Cheryl!! I will look here for seeds. I can only imagine how much it would cost to seen seeds overseas! You are very kind to offer! I've found them on line already just in case the garden shops don't have any in stock. (I'll be sure to save seeds after that!) Hopefully I'll have some orange and blue photos from my garden this year! You are my inspiration!

Thank you Trob! NO Bluebirds?? Western Bluebirds maybe?? Funny because the Eastern Bluebird is the state bird of NY. But I had very few in my yard over the many years I lived there. Here in Alabama you have to swerve to miss when you drive down the road!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Cool, Eve! Love the new birdie shakers and birdie houses and birdie news. That bottle tree is totally rockin.' If I had a little more time I'd add to the thing! Then again, I'll see you Wednesday morning so I might just have a surprise for ya - another surprise! Love to see you blogging, dearie!

Roy said...

Those beautiful camellias Evie, such a picture.
The idea is to get bottles that are full, drink them and then stick them on trees. Where the wheelbarrow is concerned, I think a sobriety test is in order young Lady.{:))

Wendy said...

Wuaha, I really like your comment about the barrow, made me giggle :) I hope Mr. BB decides to stay! It must be such a joy to watch the babies growing.
PS. I love those birdie salt and pepper shakers!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Were you drinking and driving? A little birdie made me ask that. Love the sweet salt and pepper shakers, did your mom pick those up for you? Bette had a great idea getting you the bottle tree, wonderful conversation piece. I saw a bluebird today! Hugs...

bunnits said...

I love those little shakers and the ceramic birdhouse. Your photos always leave me with a smile.

Loved the barrow comment. Watch that drinking and blogging.

Mary said...

Your pictures look very spring-like! Love the bird house and the bottle tree. I need one of those...I've been saving blue bottles from blueberry wine :-)I hope the bad weather hasn't hit near you!

debsgarden said...

The salt and pepper shakers are too cute! Lou said he saw bluebirds flying in and out of our bluebird house this weekend. It really is spring here. I love your bottle tree. You should have a lot of fun finding bottles for it!