Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day

We had a great Fourth of July with family and friends!
Hope you did too!


Wrensong Farm said...

Hi Eve, it sure looks beautiful around your new home. It's exciting to see what your new experiences are!

I'm down to 4 guineas due to the booming coyote population going on here. I'm considering getting some more keets but I don't want the to become the latest offering at "Tammy's Bar and Grill"!

We had a nice 4th with family and friends too, glad you had a great one!

Anonymous said...

Happy Forth of July Evie.
How are you all getting on over there now without us. {:)
Or shouldn't I ask at the moment. {:)

Jenny said...

Hi Evie, glad you had a great Independence weekend with F & F. Showing my ignorance here, but is that a firework that Morgan is letting off?

Denise said...

Ours was quiet this year but very enjoyable. Glad you had such a great time with family and friends, and a little bit late here, but Happy 4th of July.

Eve said...

Thanks Tammy! Sorry about the loss of Guineas! Stinkin rotten coyots! I was over reading your blog today, just didn't have time to comment! Some of the pictures didn't load. I'll be back to see the peacock post soon!

Roy! hahaha! We were doing smashing!! Getting a little tougher to keep our independence these days!!

oh look more British friends to comment to...

Jenny, thanks and yes that firework shot off and makes a big pop and blast. I should repost and show the damage it did to Morgans shirt!!

Hi Denise my American/British friend! You've had a great deal of celebrating going on so quiet must feel good!