Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two Part Walk Part Two

Turning back. Different direction, different perspective. I just love the gates and fences along the way.Well, with the sun going down through the clouds facing the direction I was looking it wasn't easy getting pictures of the cows but I had to do it anyway. They were somewhat curious of us but didn't walk over for a visit. There are a few ups and downs along the way,and deep dark woods that gave Morgan a chill. It looks very dark in there. But this little bunny made us lighten up again when we surprised him and he wasn't quite sure what to think of us. For a minute there I thought he would come over and say hi, but he thought better of it and when on his merry way. Back by the "cottage". A couple fun DOF shots. Then back by the "Black Lagoon" I thought maybe the Creature would pop out with algae dripping off his webbed fingers. The sun started to set as we were passing through the woods again. Such beautiful trees along the way.Now back to the open fields and... GUINEAS! These southern guineas sure are polite. They never made a buckwheat of any kind.
I kind of wish they'd been just a tad rude and came over to run us down the road!


John Theberge said...

Seems like a nice quiet area you live in. Gotta love the rural country side. Do you plan on getting more guinea's of your own?

Eve said...

Thanks John, I can't wait to be able to see the full years display of flora and fauna around here. I do hope to get guineas some day...but we have a few things to accomplish before a coop. #1 a garage!!!! So far our vehicles haven't been battered by hail but I think we've just been lucky!

Kerry Hawkins said...

I love this set. I am such a fan of taking walks and bringing the camera along

Tina said...

What lovely country roads to ride your motorcycle on..so much to see!
Glad to hear you are thinking that some day you will be getting some guineas..do you stay in touch with your first flock?
Lovely pictures of a very nice country side..you did good finding this place!!

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Great photos, yet again! I like the narrative of your walks!

Carolynn said...

I always love a bunny sighting. They're like good omens for my day whenever I see one. :o))

I'm sure those guineas will be fast friends before too long.

Rural Rambler said...

Nice country walk for you and your daughter. I don't want to rush summer no way no how but that is going to be a very fine fall walk.

And polite southern guineas too! And a country bun...sweet.

Jenny said...

What a lovely walk Evie. I love the cow photo, what are the purple flower blobs please? Do you know?
Bunny is sweet and of course the too polite Guineas......you'll have to get some imported down from the frozen north and set up a turf war! Does the 'black lagoon' ever have any birds on it?

Anonymous said...

You need to learn the 'Cow language' Evie.

Steve B said...

: ) It looks like you will have lots of critters to photograph down there along you walking routes.

dog trot farm said...

Lovely walk Eve, the scenery is beautiful. It has the feel of the old South.

Shellmo said...

It's so beautiful over there!! Had to laugh at those Guineas - I think you attract them!!

Eve said...

Thanks Kerry and you are very good at taking walks with your camera!!

Hi Tina, I don’t hear from the people who took on the guineas but the neighbor says they are happily running around the yard.

Thanks Daniel!

Thanks for stopping Carolynn, you would love the bunny wouldn’t you!

Hello Pix! Southerners are very polite aren’t they! It’ll be a whole other world here in fall and winter.

Hi Jenny,
Not sure yet what that purple blob it reminds me of our thistle up north. I’ll have to look that up for sure. I haven’t seen any birds on that “lagoon” but along the way we saw, eastern bluebirds, rough-winged swallows, mockingbirds, barn swallows, purple martins, and Carolina wrens. There must have been more but they aren’t coming to me. The conditions weren’t very good to get them in pictures. But the rough-winged swallows had made a nest in the open mailbox up the road!

Hi Roy, you’re right!

Thanks Steve, I thought I might be able to photograph a bear from the scat found in the driveway, but with a little help from Daniel we discovered it was just a raccoon! Maybe next time…NOT!