Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Birding

With the snow comes lots of birds looking for easy treats and I've been enjoying their company. I've heard a few thumps on the windows but no casualties. 
 It's snowing again this morning and I'm getting some not so common visitors for my woodsy yard.
Yesterday this Chipping Sparrow showed up. They more prefer my field down by the road.

Also yesterday a group of young Red-winged Blackbirds showed up and this morning an immature Common Grackle. All very common in my barren yard up north but not so much here in the woods.

Yard list today:

American Goldfinch
House Finch
Pine Siskin
Pine Warbler
Common Grackle
Red-wing Blackbird
Tufted Titmouse
Red-bellied Woodpecker
Carolina Chickadee
Chipping Sparrow
White-throated Sparrow
White-breasted Nuthatch
Dark-eyed Junco
Mourning Dove

Hope I didn't forget anyone...time to put out more seed!


Women Walking in Truth said...

I had a brown thrasher, robin, chickadees, sparrows, cardinals, male easter towhee ... and a raccoon

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, very interesting blog. You have another follower.

Mary said...

That's a very cute portrait of the sparrow :-) Your list of birds is very similar to what I see here. I haven't seen Siskins this winter.

Rocket Man said...

Snowing like mad here in the Blue Ridge and the birds are mobbing the feeders!

Kerry Hawkins said...

Great shot, so sweet

Roy said...

Thats quite a good list for just around the house Evie.

bunnits said...

I love watching those little guys. Spotted a Junco hopping around on the side of the road along Hobbs Island on the way to Gunter's Landing today. OH, OH! on the way back I decided to check out the road to the dam and saw a bald eagle sitting at the very top of a dead tree trunk. Couldn't get a photo, but it was an awesome sight.

bluekat said...

So cute!
That's quite a list of visitors.
I'm not sure how many visit my yard, or what they're called. Really gotta dig out the bird book!

Toni said...

Wow, lots of varieties of birds! How fun :-) I always feel so honored when birds come to visit my garden. Fun to enjoy when the garden is covered with the white stuff.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

You live in paradise, my dear! I've seen lots of fun birds at my feeders but not nearly the variety that you have. You win! LOVE it!

Eve said...

Thanks all! Birding is such a great sport because each season brings something different!

Linda said...

Hey Eve- thought I'd share a story of our latest visitor to our feeders - a Harrier hawk!(Don't read if you're squeamish). I was home the other afternoon and witnessed him diving the feeders and scaring a female cardinal into my back window, probably breaking her neck. Before I could get my shoes on to check, he had swooped down, snatched her up and flew to a flat spot on the big beech tree in my back yard. He then proceeded to pluck her and have her for lunch. Fascinating in a horrible sort of way! I felt so guilty but I guess it's all part of the cycle. On the other hand, in addition to all my usual birds I've really enjoyed the two pairs of Towhees I've had since the snow, as well as my Carolina wrens.

Eve said...

Wow Linda!! That was quite a scene!! And a Harrier too!! I'm too much in the woods for them here but I did see one on the road last week. We need to get together one of these days! Woul love to visit you!

Rural Rambler said...

Evis we have had lots of thumps on the windows and some casualties. It breaks my heart. But I am doing much better than last year when they hit. It happens, what can I do? We have been enjoying the birds at the feeders from our heated porch. I think I would be going nuts if we didn't have the birds and squirrels to watch!

debsgarden said...

Your part of Alabama is beautiful; lucky you to have eagles nesting close by! Your last photo is charming. It is great you have a group of folks to share your bird watching/photography with. I am learning to use my new camera. Today I got decent photos of some birds, including a barred owl, and I was so thrilled.