Monday, January 3, 2011

Tryin to catch an Eagle

Today is Morgan's last day of vacation so we ran some errands and then scooted over to the Dam in Guntersville to see if we could see the Bald Eagle couple that are nesting there.
We didn't see a lot of birds but caught this pair of Great Blue Herons above.
We had a big rain this past week and the water was high. 

The water was obviously a lot higher than today. This log must have floated up the ramp and then got wedged along the fence!

Luckily we met a nice fellow who let us sneak in his viewing spot to see one of the Eagles on the nest.
We didn't stick around too long to see the other Eagle come along, because we had to get home.
Can you see that little white head up in the tree?
Since I live about 5 minutes from this spot, I could probably get down here again soon.
Thanks Larry and Debbie for sharing your spot!


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Carroll and I plan to attend the Eagle Awareness Weekend at G'ville State Park this weekend. It will be GREATFABULOUSTERRIFIC to get away and back into nature!!!!! Hope WE see some eagles, too!!! I see that beautiful white head - GREAT SHOT!!!

Toni said...

Looks like a fun outing. Yes, I can see the little white head of the eagle in the nest! I'm sure you'd like to get some shots in flight. Exciting :-)

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed having you and Morgan visit with us today. In another three weeks the eagles will be busy feeding the chick(s). The nest area is real busy after the hatch.
Love the blog!

bunnits said...

Cool! I see that head poppin' up there. I should head over to the dam and see if I can get a glimpse. I get over that way several times a week, but haven't had time to get to the dam since about September. I'll have to add some extra time on my momtaxi trips.

farmlady said...

I saw an Eagle in Alaska a few years ago. They are the most amazing and beautiful birds.
I'm so glad you got to see this one. It's so exciting.
That's a beautiful place. I love the photo of Morgan(?) on the ramp.

Eve said...

Hi Debi, Yes I must get over there soon!

Hi Toni! I'm glad you can see him! Even tho that's a tiny head in the picture, the life size isn't so small!! :-)

It was great meeting you Larry, hopefully next time the Eagles will be a little more active!

I was going to say hurry up Bunnits but they will be there for a while, but better late than never!! Let me know if you get a chance and I'll meet you over there!

Hi Farmlady, Yes that is Morgan! She's getting tall isn't she! Luckily we had Eagles up north too and I got to see them every now and then fly over the house as well as on the lake. These two are so close to me and I've seen them fly over this house as well!

Phillip said...

I was channel hopping Sunday night and came across a program about bald eagles on PBS. It was fascinating but sad too - they have to go through so much to survive!

That log almost looks like a crocodile lying on its side biting the fence post!

Eve said...

If I had seen that crocodile, I never would have let Morgan sit there Phillip!!! hahahaha! Hopefully these Eagles will have an easy go of it!

Kerry Hawkins said...

that is cool, I have never seen an eagle in the wild! A fun adventure

Roy said...

Hey Evie,
Morgan has that sad "Its the end of my vacation" look. {:)

Daniel Spurgeon said...

I'm glad that ya'll were able to spot the eagle. That is always an exciting occurence! The boys and I saw a couple of bald eagles below Wilson Dam on 12/31/2010- so that was a great way to end out the year!

Orchid de dangau said...

Amazing photos. Great post with exciting subjects.

Oz said...

Just found your blog. Great photos.

Rural Rambler said...

I see that little white feathery head! We head down to the Lake of the Ozarks at the dam and do eagle watching this time of year. We will go next week! Dang, Morgan is growing up!!!

Jenny said...

Hi Evie, lovely atmospheric 'end of vacation' shots of Morgan! (-: Bless!
I agree with Phillip, that is definitely a croc biting that metal railing, very brave of MOrgan to see on it's back!!! (-:

Sorry I've been absent without leave!

Eve said...

Hi Kerry! I hope you get to see one some day!

Thanks Roy! yes Morgan would like a 24/7 vacation.

Hi Daniel! I'm just waiting for the sun to shine again and it to be a bit warmer than today and I'm planning on getting down there again.

Thanks Orchid, Oz, for visiting my blog.

Hi RR! Hope you get to see some Eagles! Yes that kid is getting tall...she'll be looking down on us in no time!

Hi Jenny! Nice to have you back. I'm going to have to start calling you Happy Feet or something!

bluekat said...

I see the eagle, took a bit of looking. I don't remember ever seeing eagles as a girl. Saw my first one around 2003, now we see them quite often on bike rides or kayak trips. What a nice day for you and Morgan!