Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Woods Walk (One)

Yesterday I decided to take a little walk in our woods that surrounds the house.
I was very happy to find these wild Beautyberry bushes, but they were right on the other side of the property line. What a beautiful color. These tiny delicate wild flowers were growing near by.Then I spotted this tree. I thought it looked like a dinosaur.
A Parasaurolophus? The goldenrod is just beginning to bloom. This is the back side of a small open building on the back corner of the property.
I would like to make some kind of seating area or bird blind out of it some day. But at this point my little Daisy Lu came running over and was toting a load of fire ants.
I rushed her off to the house and threw her in the tub to de-ant her.
Poor baby.
No more dogs on trips with me!!!
Stay tuned for more Wood Walk soon.


Kerry Hawkins said...

you never know what you can find in your own back yard. Sometimes some cool stuff except for fire ants.

dog trot farm said...

Eve I believe you need to invest in body armor for Daisy Lu. Rattle snakes, scorpions, fire ants what's next. Send her to me, please! Enjoyed the tour I felt like I was walking beside you.

HANNIBAL said...

Fire Ants? Poor thing! Hope Daisy Lu feels better!

Good Luck on your blind!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Poor Daisy Lu! Fire ants aren't something to mess with. Very painful, nasty creatures. The beautyberry is stunning. Birds will love to dine there. Wonder what the wildflower is? Thanks for taking us on a walk with you!

Steve B said...

Oh, yeah, Beautyberry. I had a "what the heck is that?" moment in Tennessee when I saw my first specimen. I remember that the color was intense.

Maria said...

beautiful walk, thanks for sharing.
when I see trees like that I try to imagine what happened in it's youth to have grown that way and btw I see it looking like a snake, that little dot its eye (is that on the tree or another plant?) and then the body being that green moss area going off & down the right
(oh I did see the dinosaur at first too)

Jenny said...

Hi Evie, I'm with Julie in that I felt I was along with you. We have that bush in garden centres here. It's called Callicarpa I think. Amazing colour! That other pink flower looks vaguely pea like maybe? Amazing tree sculture! I think it's some sort of mating position for that dinosaur you mentioned! (-: Poor Daisy Lu, not to mention yucky ticks too! She's certainly found alot of wildlife in your garden! Hopefully that bird blind will be up and running when I come avisiting! (-:

Anonymous said...

Hey Evie. Hope Daisy Lu is OK. Is there something you can put down to kill these things off.

Eve said...

Hi all!

Debi, I guess I'll have to ask Daniel, but there is more that I don't know coming up.

Maria I see a snake too!

Jenny, yes that is a callicarpa. I just love it, but I think you need to Google Parasaurolophus! He's not a perfect specimen but he's pretty close!! hahaha! There is definitely not two of them!!

Roy, yes Daisy Lu is no worse for wear, we've gotten rid of most of the ant hills in the area, but I think she picked up these hitchhikers in the woods.

Mary said...

Poor Daisy Lu! The photos are beautiful. I like those purple berries. I've seen those little purple flowers at the wetlands meadow, but I don't know what they are. Love the dinosaur tree :-)

Tina said...

I had to back up two posts to find out where all those ants came from...poor Daisy Lu! Ouch! You are finding some really neat flowery treasures on your property!!

Bird Girl said...

I enjoy your wood walks and beautyberry is one of my favorites! Poor Daisy Lu! I hope she is feeling better by now!