Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wow this is taking FOREVER!! HELLO!!!!!!

Well Hello everyone! I've missed you all so much! Finally we got the DSL issue resolved and should be back to on-line fun.
We just got our big moving truck yesterday and it will be a couple days before we get our help to unload it so that will be a big job and there is a lot to do.
I'm loving my new home...well...not so much the scorpions we've had to deal with but that's life on a mountain. The bug man was here yesterday and hopefully that will be all a memory...famous last words for sure!
The birds are amazing. The trees are fantastic! The gardens superb!
I'm still very busy getting things together here so will be slow in posting but I'm hoping I'll have some fun things to share as they come about.
Bear with me and I hope to be able to catch up on my buddy blogs quickly.
It's so great to be back!


Carolynn said...

Uh....*sound of clearing throat*...scorpions...?

Shellmo said...

Watch out for those scorpions my friend! I bet you'll feel so refreshed once all the packing is done!

warren said...

Scorpions or sounds great!

Jenny said...

Hello hello HELLO! Great to have you back blogging! (-: Lovely Aquilega (Columbine). Is that wild there or in the garden? Hope you're scorpionless soon!

Steve B said...

So how is it living in the Deep South? I knew you'd like the birds. I had TONS of cardinals and Brown Thrashers in Tennessee. I'm glad things are coming together for you. Do you have Carolina Chickadees?

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back Evie.

Mary said...

How exciting this all is...except the scorpions. I would be so busy taking photos, I wouldn't get anything else done! Glad you love it all...that's what is important!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Welcome to Alabama, Eve! This is indeed a gorgeous state, filled with all manner of new and wonderful things for you to discover! Yeah, the scorpions aren't fun but just be careful picking up rocks and stuff. Love the columbine - wild, or is this one in your garden? I'm so excited to have a new "neighbor!"

Country Gardener said...

Welcome back. It sound great, except for the scorpions. Can't wait to see picutures of your new gardens.

Adrian said...

Hey Eve

Glad to hear your getting sorted and back on-line. I think scorpions are rather good, although I would not be to keen to get up close and personal if you knwno what I mean!!

Best wishes, Adrian

dog trot farm said...

I am so glad you are back. I can't wait for more garden and home photos.

Tina said...

Wouldn't have been able to sleep a wink knowing there were scorpions running around me. You are a brave girl..
but come morning and sunlight..ahh your place sounds delightful and I'm anxious to take a tour of your gardens and your new world.
Welcome back.

Steve B said...

I'm glad you'r back on line. Sorry you are stuck with DSL. I left a comment during lunch, but it didn't take. Oh well. I think you will be happy with the Southern birds. When I was living in Tennessee, I had lots. Do you have Carolina Wrens?

Eve said...

Carolynn, Shelley, Warren, Jenny...I can't believe how well I handled it when I saw a scorpion...just grabbed my slipper and mashed it! Not bad for a first timer!!!

Thanks Roy!
Mary, It's hard not to spend all day outside with the camera.

Debi! Thanks for the warm welcome...I can't wait to get together with you! I'll be sure to watch for creepy crawlies!

Thanks Yvonne! I'm working on some garden pictures now. So many things that I dont know here, but look forward to learning.

Adgi Hi! I think they actually would be benifical but I'm with you on the up close and personal.

Hi Julie! Glad to be back on. I've so much to do and try to get some fun pictures too.

Tina! I havent seen any bugs since the bug man cometh!

Hi Steve, gald to be back. I have both the Carolina Wren and Chickadee! Took pictures of a nice Black-throated green warbler yesterday too! I'll have to do a list of birds. Right now my fav is the Summer Tanager! Sounds almost exactly like a robin when it is singing.

Preparing for a storm this morning! Yikes!!

HANNIBAL said...

Ooh, you scared me a bit with mention of scorpions, but a great photo op for sure! Glad you are loving your new digs, can't wait to see everything!

Denise said...

Good to see you back Eve, lovely little flower you took here. I found out the answer to your question, about the flowering trees in my deer picture. It is an Eastern Redbud - Cercis Canadensis. Welcome back!

Leedra said...

I remember scorpions from my childhood. Be sure and check your shoes ALWAYS before putting your foot in there. And NOT with your hand.

Have missed you, know you are all kinds of busy.

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Daniel Spurgeon said...

Hi Eve. Up until last year we lived in Clanton, AL- which is about 3 hours south of Huntsville right down I65. We had lots of those little brown scorpions in our house. Lots. I think everyone in our family was stung at least 3 or 4 times by one of them in our 10 years that we lived down there. We lived right on the edge of the woods- so they just slipped right under the door and into the house. The good news is that the sting is rather mild- sort of like stepping on a tack- but the better news is that I never saw even 1 Brown Recluse while we lived there. My theory is that the scorpions were higher up the food chain and lived in the same spaces as the brown recluses. The house we live in now has brown recluses- and I haven't seen any scorpions. I'd take the scorpions any day of the week- if I got to choose. One other note of caution- they will get in your bed- so be careful not to let the bed spread touch the floor. Here is a link to a photo of one of those little brown scorpions that I killed while we lived at the other house.

You'll get used to them- even my wife got used to them- and she isn't a nature enthusiast like me. :)

Eve said...

Thanks for the head's up Daniel! I guess I would be with you on picking the scorpions over the BR spider. We haven't seen any creepy crawlies since they sprayed...I'm a customer for life if that's all it takes but we'll see if that really works. I do hope I get used to this!!