Sunday, March 15, 2009

Poor Gimpy

First let me say that Gimpy is doing ok. She's not out of the woods so to speak but she is actually doing well.
Believe it or not I never heard a thing until we spotted this very bad hawk diving around into the bushes. I ran outside, heard the racket, but the hawk had no guinea.Then I saw my sweet guinea feathers all over the place...on one side of the path and on the other side in the bushes where I found two scared guineas running to me for safety. I still had to battle off the hawk, chasing him to find that she just lead me to another group of screaming guineas.
There was no time to count but I couldn't find an injured bird...until I turned and looked back home. There was Ole, laying next to a poor guinea hen with her little legs sticking up in the air actually "kicking" almost like a cartoon character.

It was Gimpy. Poor Gimpy, who had a leg issue that laid her up for weeks in the coop. And who already had been saved from Ole's jaws after her recovery. But this time, it was Ole that saved her.

From what I've pieced together the hawk tried desperately to kill and eat Gimpy, but before it could accomplish the job, Ole stepped in and "saved" her. Now I'm not saying that Ole didn't "save" her for himself...but I'm not NOT saying that either.

I ran to her aid, found she was still alive. I took her in the house and went out to coax the remaining 12 kids back into their coop.

Gimpy is badly injured from the hawk, and I am doing everything to help her heal.

Believe it or not after just a couple days, she is now spending her afternoons back out with the gang...the place she loves to be.

This is Gimpy in the foreground with her injured back.

I think Ole deserves a good belly rub for this one.


A New England Life said...

My gosh Eve! What a story! Gorgeous Hawk too.

I'm so glad to hear Gimpy will be okay. Did you have to contact a vet for antibiotics? I would have been freaking out if that happened on my watch!

John Theberge said...

Wow, what a story. I've had a sharp shinned hawk visiting my yard. Earlier this winter it actually swooped down and tried to get a songbird while I was standing there. It didn't get one but it sure freaked out all the little birds in the area and they disappeared for quite a while.

Denise said...

Oh no, poor Gimpy. Hope she recovers okay. And that is indeed a beautiful hawk but I hope you told him to stay off your patch and leave your guineas alone, naughty boy, or girl.

Tina said...

Oh Eve, This must have been a scarey situation, poor Gimpy, what a fright for both of you!! Is this a surprise that a hawk would try and attack such a big bird..I have only seen them try to take sm birds??
I am so glad to read that Gimpy is up and back with the crew..and do hope she continues to improve.
Yes, Ole does deserve a big bone and a belly rub for that one!

Bird Girl said...

How terrifying for poor little Gimpy! And yes...your dog deserves a big belly rub!
I have to say though Eve, that is one beautiful hawk and you did a magnificent job with that picture!!!
Looks like an immature goshawk??? Or Coopers? Do you know? I LOVE that shot!!!

Jenny said...

Good old Ole dog! How many lives does a Guinea have? Same as cats?

Eve said...

This is a Northern Goshawk, probably the one that has visited here before. It's about the size of a Red-tailed hawk. I'm really not too sure if poor ol Gimpy is going to make it. She doesnt have much spunk today. I'll let you know how it goes.

Carolynn said...

I find it so incredibly awe inspiring and heart warming when I hear of animals protecting others in their family. How brave and loving of Ole to come go his guinea's aid. It must have been heartbreaking for you to find Gimpy hurt, but you're obviously doing something right to have her up and around so quickly. Poor little girl. She's had a tough go of it lately. Give Ole a squeeze from me.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Hang in there, Gimpy!! Don't give up.
I'm so glad to hear that she's actually already spending some time back out with her flock ...this speaks to your wonderful doctoring skills, Eve!
Had to laugh, though, at the part about Ole maybe "saving" Gimpy for himself ar ar ar.

Leedra said...

It would be hard to let them back out. What if it comes back? Hope it all works out ok.

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The Birdlady said...

What a story!

grammy said...

Happy Blog Birthday. Loved those pictures of the ice on shore. The two chairs and the poor little row boat (o: So happy you were able to save Ole. For all I know that could be Shaylee's knock knock bird (o: Good Doggie (this time).

Shellmo said...

So glad Ole protected Gimpy!! He must've sensed his vulnerability to the hawk. Please keep us posted on his progress! You know how I love those guineas of yours!!!

Anonymous said...

That Hawk is in need of some corrective action - like a load of lead shot.
(Oops I am not allowed to say that am I.)

Mary said...

Poor Gimpy! Give Ole an extra treat and a medal for bravery! Nasty hawk! I hope she recovers fully!

Steve B said...

Wow! Good job Ole.

Maria said...

Ah, poor Gimpy, where did she get that name, it kind of set her up to stay injured :)
How do you tell them apart :)(maybe that was a politically incorrect question to ask)
My step sister just got her first guineas for her farm.

HANNIBAL said...

Poor Gimpy, but happy ending! Hope all goes well with the recovery. I would not have thought a hawk would go after such a large bird! Bad Hawk!