Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Will She or Wont She?

Julie is thinking of getting chickens so I'm giving her the opportunity to see what it's like by sending her out with the guineas every now and then. Yesterday evening she volunteered to go put the guineas to bed. Here she is closing the door.
But there were two stories going on here. You would have to click on to see it but Daisy Lu is on her way to trouble...just up and to the left of the tree. Ole is minding his own business. Julie fixed the door props and Ole notices Daisy's head buried in the snow.Julie says goodnight through the window and Ole is planning on tattling on Daisy Lu. "Look at her Julie...I think she's eating poop or something!!" "Daisy Lu!" says Julie "what are you doing???"
"Play with me Julie!! I would never do that!" Ole chimes in! But it's just too cold to play so Ole decides to take the matter into his own hands. "I'll stop her from that disgusting habit!" "maybe it was just a mouse""oh dear Julie is leaving...what's going on here?" "Get your little butt home dog!" "if only I wasn't so slow"Now the question we will try to find out is....will Julie decide to get chickens?
We'll just have to wait and see.


Rachel said...

Mom, just to let you know...i totally didnt get that post. you cant see daisy at all, even if you zoom in. she is the phantom dog. it really doesnt make sense becuase i cant tell whats going on. dont post this the spelling is too bad.

Anonymous said...

Hey Evie,
When you move South and if you cant take your Guineas with you, you may just have found a new owner for your them (hint-hint)

Well they do have two legs and a beak{:)

Karen Gifford said...

I thought it was just me! I can't see Daisy either! Until the last few pics!

Barbie ♥ said...

Your daughter's comment made me laugh right out loud (aren't daughter's everywhere exactly alike ;-) I didn't see the phantom dog until the end and how cute! I get it...honest I do! Will be interesting to see if Julie does indeed, get chickens!
P.S. I am so relieved this blog is 100% Guinea Fowl approved ;-)

Eve said...

We can play "where's Daisy"!!!

Roy...I'm working on that but she says they're too loud...that's why I keep sending her out there...hoping she will become deaf!!!
Ha Ha Ha!!!

Mary said...

I can see Daisy....maybe....or am I looking at clump of grass? LOL! Sounds like Ole is a "dog herding dog" as well as a tattletale :-) Tell her the guineas are famous from being posted in your blog and she would be honored to become their new owners! need to take them with you.

Carolynn Anctil said...

Oooo....can I come and do a guinea momma test run, too? Maybe in the summer, when it's warmer.

Cute pups you have there too!

And, I think that anyone who says a final 'goodnite' through the window to a coop full of guineas, is gonna get her own pretty darn quick!

Shelley said...

LOL at your daughter's comment!
LOL that you still published it when she told you not too!
LOL at your caspar the ghost dog!

Leedra said...

Your daughter is as funny as the post. I don't always read the other comments.

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Tina said...

oh my I, like the others, laughed out loud at your daughters comment! They are our best critics!! Well I hope your cousin gets her chickens..but wouldn't it be so nice if she took your guineas as was said above.

Kathryn and Ari said...

Love it! We have a tattle tail here at our house, too, but she also happens to be the poop eater. That's too bad--especially when she decides I need a lot of dog kisses immediately afterwards.

DeniseinVA said...

I so wish I could take your Guineas. Oh to live in the great open doors :)